What would persuade you to keep Metal?

Hello. I’m one of those that upgrade to Metal on the basis of Amex support. Like many here the insurances are of little or no value to me. I’ve not yet downgraded back to blue or black and have got to thinking what Curve could offer that would tempt me to keep a Metal subscription:

From my perspective the following would be enough;

  1. Increase daily, monthly and annual spend limits very significantly
  2. Add premium customer support for Metal subscribers- guanteing response to queries within, say, 24 hours.
  3. Add support for pre-paid Mastercard and VISA to be added as funding sources in the app (allowing me to use my Miles and More card as a funding source)

I’m sure these would be cheaper for Curve to deliver than unlimited Amex. Ultimately people wanted Amex support due to points and rewards but there are lots of Visa / Mastercards out there offering rewards and the changes I’ve suggested would help customers maximise the benefit of those.

Interested to hear others thoughts?


Where can I get a prepaid Miles and More card? Only can find ‘real’ creditcards.

If a prepaid card is not supported in Curve you already can contact support and ask to add it.

For me, the current spend limits are plenty enough.

I do think that customer support needs to see a seriously big improvement if I’m going to keep metal after the first six months - the current response times are just not good enough for a free service, let alone one that costs as much as £180 a year.

One thing that would be more useful to me than travel insurance is hot desking - I think Revolut or N24 include one day a month at WeWork with their card. It would be very, very useful to me to have access to Regus, for example, even for 1 or 2 days a month. That would be a much more attractive benefit to me than travel insurance and one that would definitely keep me coming back to renew my subscription.

For me, the Collision Damage Waiver is useless before the value is even considered, because most of my car rentals are in the UK and you aren’t covered in your home country. The gadget insurance is a nice to have, but not something I particularly need.

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My understanding was that the UK LH credit card was a pre-paid sort of card - weird dual setup with Diners Club and (I think) Mastercard, but funds only loaded on at time of use?

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Yes, it’s a Diners Club card with a secondary Mastercard that basically works in the same way as Curve (except it’s only linked to the Diners Club card)

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Thats right re Miles and More. Its a duel pack of a Diners Club and MasterCard. You can use either to earn points at the same rate. It works pretty well and it would be great to get the MasterCard added to Curve.

Agree that We Work could be a good extra.

Although if I were being picky, I’d prefer Regus purely because they have more (and more useful) locations…

If its a prepaid Mastercard, if you email curve the BIN, they should be able to let you add it?

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cut the monthly fee. free lounge access.


And who pays for all the benefits we receive then? :smiley:
giving out free stuff without any cost is not appealing to any business.


sorry, I’ll rephrase. Reduce the monthly fee. Bin the insurances.


Receiving the Metal card I ordered over 2 weeks ago.

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what colour you waiting for? Still waiting for rose gold, ordered Fri 25 Jan

I’d like to see the gadget cover limit increased - I want to bin the Rewards Black I get with my RBSPremier account BUT the limit with Curve is just £800 - not enough to cover the cost of my iPhone XS Max 256gb! I’m really paying for a metal card, if I am honest… and even that hasn’t turned up in almost 2 weeks…

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Mine turned up yesterday and it’s a great looking thing, no doubt. Amex was a big thing for me as was the gadget cover and having called AXA today to get some clarity about that, a return call about which I am still waiting for 7 hours later, I’m a touch sceptical. The chap I spoke to couldn’t even see the policy existed, hence “coming back to me”

For me, the direct competitor of Curve Metal is my “premium” bank accounts, which is Nationwide FlexPlus. What the Nationwide account has as advantage over Curve Metal is the following:

  • All insurances cover entire household (partner & children)
  • Addition of Roadside Assistance (I don’t value this much, however)
  • I think it has better limits when it comes to gadget insurance, but can’t confirm
  • £13/month instead of £15/month
  • Ongoing 1% AER interest on balances up to £3000

However, Curve Metal has the upper hand in the following aspects:

  • Some form of rental car insurance
  • Discounted lounge access
  • Fancy card

And obviously all the usual Curve benefits, but they are available for free in the Blue version so that is not “additional”.

So for me, the insurance level needs to match the Nationwide offering at a minimum, which I believe is best in class (compared to offerings from Lloyds, Natwest, etc.) Then to bridge the extra £2/month spend, the lounge access is enough for me, really.

But ultimately the fact remains that Amex support is key to me.

I thought the insurance does cover you, partner and family. Admittedly only when travelling with the card holder

Including if you are a passenger in someone else’s car :slight_smile:

There is no gadget insurance :disappointed:

3% on up to £2500 :slight_smile:

It’s a very good package as you say, and hard to beat.

My ideas

Always 1% cashback at your six choices + cashback at all places. Possible with a high level outside the union?

Lounge access. 2x free visits per year. Ticket in app.

Preffered partners. Savings and offers. I can talk a lot about this but you get the idea guys.

These are real benefits and do build loyalty for real. Possible new income potential as well for Curve.



Thanks for the corrections. You’re right, it is mobile phone insurance only. I would give Curve the advantage with their offering here then.

My memory failed me - I always thought it was 3% for 1 year then drops down to 1%, similar to their FlexDirect account. However, seems there is no time limit on the FlexPlus interest, nice! Yes it is £2,500, oops - I mixed it up with the Tesco Bank account.