What's going on with Curve?


I’ve been using Curve for the past 2 years in order to pay my AmEx bill, and this worked fine until my card got replaced from a Business one to a Personal one (as suggested by customer support, when I let them know that I was not able to make cryptocurrency purchases).

After activating the Personal card, I was still unable to make cryptocurrency purchases at either Coinbase or Crypto.com, and suddenly my Curve card did not work at AmEx. Initially, the AmEx website and automated phone system would just outright say there was an issue adding the card to my account, and over the phone, AmEx support attempted to charge my Curve card twice, both unsuccessful from AmEx’s side. However, on the Curve app, and on my underlying card statement, these AmEx transactions were successful and the money was debited from my underlying card.

Furthermore, other little things like Apple Pay never working on my account, and customer support being non-existent, are making me question the reliability of Curve. I am a Curve Metal customer, and have been for a while, but now I get no responses on the in-app chat, or through email to their support email address, or to their complaint email address.

What is happening with Curve?



Sorry, I don´t understand. Amex is not compatible with Curve, at least in EU

I wish people would read the context when it came to Curve and Amex. I clearly mentioned that I use Curve to pay my American Express bill. This was never unsupported. The underlying card is NOT Amex.

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Sorry, not so clear, at least for me. I don’t understand how you pay an Amex “bill” with Curve Card.
In Spain you can’t pay an Amex bill with another card, only with a bank account

You can in the UK, with a UK debit card. I was able to for over two years, until my card was replaced.

Hey @itsilyas, sorry to hear you’re now experiencing declines since receiving your new Curve card. This sounds like an issue for the customer support team to troubleshoot with you! The support team are currently resolving issues raised with them, on average, within 24 hours.
If you’re not receiving responses to your support tickets then this might be due to an account issue. Please send a message to our social team on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AskCurve if this is the case so they can check on this for you there!

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Just to jump in here, for the record, I have found support to be very hit or miss lately. I opened a ticket back in January, and it took them roughly 4 weeks to respond, I opened another ticket a few weeks ago (about a separate issue), which still hasn’t had a reply, however I opened a third ticket a couple days ago and got a reply within a few hours.

So your statement “The support team are currently resolving issues raised with them, on average, within 24 hours.” is definitely not an accurate reflection of my experiences lately, I don’t know what reporting tools you’re using, but clearly they are not capturing the full picture here. These long wait times for support to reply are making me question whether I will continue to use Curve.

Really? You’ve just said…

So actually he is right as he said.

Currently meaning at this current time.

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You’re being annoyingly pedantic and completely missing the point, also the conclusion you’ve drawn here is not correct. “Currently” would refer to current open tickets, as both my comment and the comment of the original poster of this thread pointed out, we both have open tickets which were not even responded to within 24 hours. The point being that to say the support team currently are resolving tickets within 24 hours implies that they do not have any backlog of tickets, because if they had a large backlog and were taking many days to respond, then logically they could not be resolving tickets within 24 hours. Therefor, if the statement about the support team resolving tickets on average within 24 hours is correct, that would mean that all tickets mentioned in this thread should have already been resolved, I can’t speak for the original poster but that is not the case for me.

Semantics aside, the bigger problem here is not whether tickets are being resolved right now within 24 hours, the problem is the experience I and others are receiving, which creates a negative impression of Curve. Unfortunately, that makes me question whether I can depend on Curve, because if I am going to be using Curve for all of my spending, I need to know that the support team will be there if something goes wrong, there might be a situation where I cannot afford to wait a week or more for a reply. Even if the support team are resolving queries quickly right now, actions speak louder than words, and the fact is my experiences have already happened, so my confidence in Curve has already been damaged. It’s going to take a lot of time and positive support experiences for that confidence to be rebuilt.


I stand by my original commitment that he was right. I’ve said why above.

Thanks for your feedback.

Okay, but to be fair you didn’t really explain why, you just used some quoted text to make a point, and I explained in great detail why that logically cannot be the case. I don’t think there’s anything more I can say, so feel free to re-read my previous post.

Hey @AaronMcHale, your concerns here are fair and I can understand why you’re sceptical of the customer experience team’s recent improvements. This is an ongoing effort on their part and until you’ve been provided with evidence of this improvement through consistent results or some statistics to back up my claims I can understand why you might think my comments on this would ring hollow.

I’m in the process of working with the Customer Experience team’s leadership to provide the Community with an official statement on their progress for the peace of mind of all of our Community members! :raised_hands:


Whilst I agree that support has been sporadic in my experience, you’ve missed the key word there. Average.

Not to be sarky, but if curve takes 120 hours to resolve 1000 tickets and half an hour to resolve 5000 i.e. most of the tickets the average is 20.4 hours to resolve a ticket… So without other data the statement isn’t factually wrong, it’s just not informative. From your perspective, I can see why it seems wrong.

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Would definitely be great to see this as this is likely the biggest concern for 99% of crowdfunding investors as well as curve users who are in the community.

I can definitely speak for myself and say that it’s the case and love curve and what it does for me but I don’t want it to expand to US without drastically improving and expanding its customer service.

Im afraid it may leave new users unhappy with customer service which will mean less customer retention and I think that is one of the under performing stats, but that’s just my personal view.

If anyone thinks any different please comment below also

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