What's the correct "home currency"?

Curve wants me to select my correct home currency for my Revolut card, but which one is it? I use 3 different currencies on my Revolut card: DKK, Euro & rarely GBP.

Basically you’re telling Curve which currency you want them to charge your Revolut card in.

It’s not a one-time-only decision, you can change it as and when you wish. Ultimately it probably doesn’t make much difference because Curve and Revolut use basically the same exchange mechanism as far as I’m aware.

I don’t think it makes much of a difference, but i have set up my REVOLUT card in curve app in euros. Did you receive your card already? :slight_smile:

I just retrieved it today and my tumi :smiley:


Ohhh that’s nice! :wink:

This has been resolved.