What's the current KYC policy?

Looks like Curve changed KYC operator (again?). I suspect the KYC requirements are again different? What’s the current minimal set of docs required to become a customer?

  • a passport?
  • bank statement for address verification?
  • mobile number from an EU country?
  • or does Curve require government-issued residence papers?

(I’m a customer, so - asking for a friend™)

Haven’t been required to do KYC with Curve yet (I think), but I’ve used Onfido on other services before.

From what I remember, it depends on the country, but in general they only require a selfie and a legally-valid government issued ID (in the case of Spain they allowed both Passport, National ID card or a Foreigner’s Residence Document).

EDIT: Also as explained in their site:

By integrating Onfido’s AI-powered ID verification service, Curve customers are able to sign up by simply taking a photo of their government-issued identity document (ID) and selfie.


You’ll also need a bank statement for a specific card they highlight to you

I was never asked to send that

Okay - it’s pretty normal for KYC to differ depending on a set of criteria.