What's the degree of charging for using ATMs?

How are others finding it?

I withdrew cash from an ATM. I haven’t had a cash advance charge. It was labled on my (Richard Branson’s airline) credit card statement as, “Merchant Category Code (MCC): NON-FINANCIAL INST-STORED VALUE CARD PUR”. Most transactions have a MCC number but this one had the cryptic description. I haven’t had a cash advance charge.

Does anyone know it this is likely to be due to this particular ATM or may be a general thing?

I withdrew cash from a Barclays machine and didn’t get charged.

Who’s that? Do you mean Richard Branson?

I’m a bit confused about the specs on the home page, it says “Free domestic ATM withdrawals”. So the domestic ones are not limited to a certain amount as the foreign ATM withdrawals?

Also what domestic means? Is domestic means your local country where Curve send you the card and also the local currency of the underlying card? because in the FAQ pages is written “There are no fees when spending domestically (currently all Curve cards are issued as UK domestic cards)”, or UK is the default domestic?!

My guess is that page needs updating

Domestic means wherever the funding card is from.

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Then why say "There are no fees when spending domestically (currently all Curve cards are issued as UK domestic cards)”

That’s not what I meant. Domestic is the currency of the card your using to withdraw it with. If your card is in USD, the domestic currency is USD, if the the card is in EUR, EUR is the domestic currency.

I understand what you mean, but then why does curve mention all curve card are currently UK issued if it’s the currency of the underlying card that matters?

Indeed. They’re worded it confusingly.

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Domestic means if the ATM’s transaction currency matches the currency set in the App against the funding card.

So, for example, you may have a UK Card, issued in GBP, but if you set the currency of the card to Euro within the App, and you used it in an ATM in a Euro zone country, it’s considered a ‘domestic’ withdrawal.

The currency conversion would be done by the funding card issuer, not by Curve.

You can find the overview and continue the discussion here: ATM Withdrawals - Domestic and Foreign Fees Breakdown.