What's the last bit of tech you purchased?

What’s the last bit of tech you’ve purchased? I’ll start first, I purchased a PS5 as well I like gaming and it was available and looking at me bagging me to buy it and most importantly I’m worth it. :rofl:

What about you? Pictures and site links to the product is massively encouraged.


I recently bought the eufy RoboVac 11S MAX robot vacuum cleaner.
It was totally worth it and made me even lazier :smiley:

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I love your explanation and thanks for the link so other people can buy it. :+1::grin:

I think the last piece of tech I bought was this camera which I bought as a christmas gift for a friend of mine:


LMAO this topic was on the Monzo forum (started 2018) with the exact same title :rofl:

First copying Monzo’s Flex product as a name and now copying the exact same thread title :joy:

I mean I am joking but I think you could have at least tried to change the title a bit.

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