What's the typical Curve Credit credit limit?

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What’s the typical credit limit people have been receiving with Curve Credit? (Approximate is fine, don’t want people to reveal any personal information) Mine is pretty low. Curious if that is normal for Curve or if it was an issue with my application process (I had multiple issues during sign up).

Also, did everyone get a hard credit pull? It’s been a couple days now and I’m not seeing any new credit inquiries on my credit monitoring.

I haven’t checked my report yet, but the curve “embarrassment protection” limit I got was 500. I have traditional credit cards with far higher limits than that, so I’m assuming they are just offering low limits.

They advertise it as an automatic backup if your linked card fails, so unless your making a large purchase its not too bad for it’s purpose.

I think they should just fallback to another linked card, rather than using an exclusive credit line to curve. Obviously the real reason they offer this feature is they hope people won’t pay it off by the due date, so that they can make money off interest.

Mine was £3,000. I have a few AMEX Cards and a charge card. Monzo only offered me £450 credit. So very strange.

Are you in the USA? Curve is different here. I don’t see anything about Flex. What we are talking about is Curve Credit aka “embarrassment protection”.

For example, we currently don’t have support for VISA credit cards to be linked yet either.

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Oh I didn’t know that. I’m in the UK