When and why does Curve change MCC codes?

This is beyond a joke now. And all for what? I don’t believe we’ve had an explanation for why they do this?

I find that hard to believe. Even for purchases over €1,000? What about over €50,000?

You’d never pay such large amounts with a card. That would be refunded with a wire transfer and probably was initially paid that way too or in alternative through a Multibanco payment

I’m pretty sure I’ve paid >€1,000 by card in Portugal before.

Sure, if you buy white goods or tech but you’d get your refund in cash in those situations. I was thinking more about the 50k end of the scale

Found another one:

5462 (Bakeries) -> 5999 (Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Stores)

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It doesn’t make any sense. :confused:

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MCC codes seems not working any more after weekends migration apart from Wirecard

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For me it’s 8999 for the last 4 transactions (and the originals are something else, at least for 3 of them).

Thank you, I had just discovered the reports in the Wirecard discussion thread.

Yeah guys MCC passthroughs are still being worked on.

Official thread for updates: Wirecard: Updates

I don’t see this issue being mentioned in the Wirecard Updates thread? Do you know if this issue is still present?

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Just made a transaction, still 8999 :confused:


I emailed support a few days ago and this is what they responded with today. At least they’re aware…

“Thank you for your message, and thank-you for your understanding at this time!

This is something that we are looking into to try and get rectified on top of the refunds and GBiT. I have passed on your examples and hopefully we will be able to get it sorted as quickly as possible.

Thank-you for your ongoing support and I hope you have a great day!”

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Has this been rectified by curve? I still have issues with mcc 7999 as Curve does not pass the mcc on to the targeted card. I am waiting for a response as to by when they are planning to pass all mcc’s through as per the original transaction.

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i’ve just found another one: 5441 was changed to 5999… for 5441 i’d get 4 percent cashback, 5999 means only 1 percent…

5441 CANDY, CONFECTIONERY OR NUTS STORES -› 5999 Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Not Elsewhere Classified

known re-mapping so far:

5941 -› 5999
5542 -› 8999
8099 -› 8999
5462 -› 5999
5441 -› 5999


Also, I still believe mcc 7999 is falsely translated into mcc 8999.

@nicb and @Curve_Marie: may we kindly ask for your assistance here? Many Curve users would like all MCC codes to be passed on unchanged. I am also affected here and many of us lose rewards due to these anomalies.

Thank you in advance.


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i have a 7999 from the weekend, wasn’t re-mapped to 8999

probably only gbit transactions are affected (i mean every transaction charged with 8999 after wirecard issue will be still 8999 after gbit)


All my post wirecard GBIT affected transactions have been charged with the correct mcc since most mcc codes were remapped and restored 3 weeks ago, provided, that the original transaction was also charged with the correct mcc code. However, it wasn’t mcc 7999 but mcc 8999 that was charged to one of my cards that time so I am waiting for mcc 7999 to be remapped after which GBIT should move the transaction with the correct mcc based on my experience.

Hey guys, we’re looking into this with our payments team at the moment to see if there’s any issue. I’ll report back once I have an update!