When do we get Airport Lounge Access with LoungeKey?

When will Airport Lounge Access be available through Lounge Key?

The January Launch FAQs say “The Lounge Key will be activated as soon as possible, it will likely take us a month or so” but we’re now at the end of February and no further news…


I’d like to know this too. I’ve got a few trips upcoming so any visibility on this would be much appreciated.


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Have they given visibility to cost yet too ?

Santander for example is free, N26 by contrast is £15 per visit.

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I’ve been wanting to know this too… I’ve just used the last vouchers I had for a lounge so keen to be able to use this benefit and understand the costs…

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So if we are paying for a service and a lot of the Items are not working Yet why are we paying £15 or will in start once all services are working

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I also. Paying monthly fee. No Amex or lounge key😠


Will get more information on this and write an update ASAP.


Hi Marie - I’m hoping to use the Lounge Access on Friday 8th March. Is this likely to be possible?

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Also keen to know as i’m flying tomorrow - will this work now?

Used N26 last month - but it was £15 - is Curve’s prop expected to be free?

Definitely not free. Expect a similar level of £15-£25 per use, maybe with 1 free entry per year. This is Revolut’s current model with the same £14.99 monthly fee for Metal.

As others have mentioned, I wouldn´t expect it to be free but if they follow suit on the Revolut “deal” of 25 Euro per visit I would be very disappointed, especially given the price of the Metal offering as is. Some lounges will be cheaper if you just show up, no membership needed, which kind of ruins the idea in the first place…

I noticed this this week, i can get a some lounges for about £20 so the offer Revolut has isn’t really worth it.

Yeah, this was a big complaint over on Revolut’s forum. It took them about 2 years of lounges “Coming Soon!” to add what was essentially an overpriced version of Loungebuddy within Revolut. So the USP was not cheaper lounges, it was that you could buy straight from your Revolut account. Hopeless, and I hope that Curve manages something a lot better (and faster.) It’s already taken way too long, with people subscribing to Metal under the illusion that lounges were indeed “coming soon” +the amex disaster, of course.


I’ve already had trips I’d wanted to use this benefit but not been able and have more coming up. So for me this is now a pressing matter as to the value Curve are providing (or not as the case may be) I want to be fair but equally kept informed as to if this is the right product.

Chasing the update on this. You will know more the second I do.

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has there been any updates here
no offence - but this has been talked about since late January and is nearly April now - can we get some clarity - why is it taking so long?


They’re afraid of publishing it - and the backslash that will come with it as Metal users are not going to get the lounges for free (and perhaps there will be no discount at all).

This is something I have been wondering generally.

Many associations claim 50+% off lounges. I can get lounge access via DragonPass for £18, or LoungeClub for £20… Both without membership fees (the former, just generally free, the later as part of Amex Gold, free for first year… and not as good as DragonPass…) as can many people!

To me, “60% discount” that is advertised on the website means around £10.80-12 which I highly doubt will happen!

Anything below £18 is not a discount.

Just go to Poland and get a Visa Platinum with Santander. They give you 4 entrances for free with 4 extra people each + 15 pounds for Priority Pass.
And the Price? 0 PLN.
Beat that, Curve.

Shame not all Santander customers get this…

Me (unfortunately given recent circumstances, not Polish) & wife (Polish) have Santander Select (UK). Wife has WBK Poland (£ Currency, when she moved here) which is Santander Poland…

Is this account with WBK, open for Polish nationals abroad?