When do you Go Back in Time?

We love time-travel stories!

Have you ever used the Go Back in Time feature? What brought you back in time?

  • I paid with wrong card
  • I had low account balance
  • I forgot to switch card in app
  • I accidentally chose the wrong card in app
  • I used personal card for business purchase
  • I used business card for personal purchase
  • Other (tell us more in a post below)

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Other: I wanted to change card before purchase, but didn’t have mobile signal.


Great insight - thank you for sharing!

Other: Sometimes haven’t decided which card to put it on, so use the one that I know will go through and then change later. Also, if we could tie merchants to certain cards that would help because I also just use a “default” card and then change the purchase later for this reason.

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Does the Default payment method suggestion describe what you would like to acheive?

In part it would, yes. I would find that useful. However, tying certain merchants to a certain card would be very useful too. I think this has also been mentioned on the forum. So for example, if I could tie Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or some other supermarket to a particular card I would have to change the card being used less often.

I time travel to get category bonuses or meet volume targets, changing cards in the app is a hassle, especially if for online purchases which are not done instantly (travel agencies, Amazon etc).

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I’ve used Go Back in Time for a card that I’m waiting to receive. Once the card arrives, I’m able to switch the transactions around to use my new card.


I always Go Back in Time to my Revolut card. It’s harder to get the remaining balance out of there than my regular accounts. I just look for transactions with the right amounts to match. Curve automatically sends my money back to my regular bank account.

You can withdraw your Revolut money via SEPA to any IBAN acount account for free.

I pay something with Curve on the 17th/nov linked to a regular card, the 1st December I move payment to a credit card then I’ll be charged around 5 January for December payments in my account

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SEPA works for Euro only, which is not my primary currency. My Revolut transfers go through SWIFT, and while there are no fees attached, you need to wait for it for a few days. It’s just quicker like that, becasue Curve makes refunds pretty quickly.

Mainly if I forgot to change card, am missing this functionality in beta, hope it comes back soon - I’ve got an Aussie card I need to put 5 transactions a month on to retain benefits, miss not being able to put the lowest value ones on here later in the week!

During the week I use my permanent tsb cards in Ireland as the give you €0.10 for every debit card transaction but with weekend I use my monzo card as I’m in the UK and whilst in the UK you get extra cost at weekend changing between £ and € and with go back in time I do it all the time between my permanent tsb accounts but I don’t benefit only if I do go back in time with monzo as paying in to that account is harder than many others but I don’t do things to gain just use my accounts they way I’m supposed to be and would use curve more if problems with declined after transactions have happened stop happening cause I had that with using my monzo card at Tesco but monzo told me it wasn’t there side that caused decline and refund/reversal and also Tesco said it went through and monzo turned round saying it’s classic example of a Tesco transaction it will complete within the week they say but curve is the best card for cross border payments as you don’t pay fees on top of the exchange rate except at weekends

I used it earlier today - I’d made a Curve purchase in a grocery store in the US, hoping to get some debit card cashback rather than pay to use an ATM, and selected my UK debit card to avoid the risk of being charged for a “cash” transaction on a credit card, but their system didn’t offer it (presumably not recognising Curve as a debit card?) so I kicked it over to my usual purchasing card instead.

(Aside: does anyone know a good way to find fee-free ATMs in other countries? I found one very easily in Chicago last year, but haven’t managed it yet in Iowa this year.)


  1. No mobile signal
  2. I subscribe to a number of services charged in foreign currency (mostly USD) for my businesses. As Curve is now free for Forex I use my Curve card as the saved card on those services. I leave my personal card as the payment method at all times and as business transactions come through, I BiT them over the correct company’s debit / credit card.

I use it to spread my smaller purchases across 10+ credit cards to keep them active and get better deals from lenders…


I use it when I’m not sure if I will get any category bonus with a specific retailer (e.g. if it will code as a restaurant visit for my Chase Sapphire Reserve or not). I’ll initially charge the card with the category bonus (which is usually already activated in Curve), then if the MCC doesn’t pan out I’ll move the charge to the card that give me the highest return for general spend.

Also when I’m at the supermarket and I’m too busy packing my groceries, I’ll just do BiT retroactively instead of changing to the right card in the app before paying.

Does GBiT also work for ATM cash withdrawal?

If I use a card that charges a fee (due to being triggered by the MCC), would I be able to GBiT and use a different card? Would the fee then be removed?

Yes, I’ve done GBiT for ATM transactions. The only issue I could see is how the card issuer deals with the transaction since it it’s reversed on the day the GBiT is done, not the original day of the transaction. Would you have to pay interest from the day of the first transaction until the reversal occurs? And then would a cash advance fee be credited back?