When does the 90 day cashback timer start?

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So support has just gotten back to me and has fixed it so I can select my retailers again, as I have just recently upgraded to Curve Black. The person told me that they have amended my end date so it finishes on the 8th of May 2019, but I was curious about this as I thought the end date wasn’t set until I had actually selected my retailers (as stated in the FAQs). So my question is, has my 90-day cashback already started, in which case I better select my retailers, or it doesn’t start until I have selected them?

I have already responded to the support email but thought I would get a quicker response from asking the forum instead.

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Was on Legacy Black: I started with Curve in late November. I waited to select my retailers in Jan, as I was on holiday for most of December (and so would not be purchasing from those retailers at that time). Selected my retailers on the app, but when the confirmation screen appeared, it said the cashback was only valid until Feb! I’ve raised a ticket with the support team, but no reply yet - just the standard “sorry we have not yet gotten back to you on this”.

Quoting from “What is Curve Cashback?”:

Curve Cashback is an introductory offer, and valid for 90 days from the either the date you confirm your cashback merchant selection, or the date you activate your Curve card (whichever occurs later).

Glad I’m not the only one with this issue, please let me what they say when they respond to you. I’m expecting them to respond with “Well you already activated a previous card, and confirmed 3 retailer for that cards introductory cashback, so the ‘Whichever occurs later’ doesn’t apply here”

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That would make sense, however I never selected any retailers until January.

Still not received any proper response from Curve support on this issue.

@Curve_Marie can you help?

Checked up on this with the product team - the 90 days starts when you sign up with Curve. We will update the FAQs accordingly.