When is Curve Send going to be made in any way useful again?

So way back when Curve Send launched, it was actually useful…

It was possible to use it to send money to anyone - they didn’t have to be on Curve, they just had to have a credit/debit card.

This was BRILLIANT and an actually useful service.

Then Curve did something totally stupid and decided that you had to be a Curve member to both send an receive money. Then you made it worse by saying they couldn’t even receive money into one of their bank accounts, so there’s even less chance of convincing them to sign up.

Sorry Curve, but this isn’t going to happen. Overnight you made your service completely useless to a lot of people, whose friends are not going to sign up to your service just to receive money.

Which means right now is a complete waste of space - so when are you going to stop regressing features and do something useful with Curve Send again?


@andyk completely agree the purpose of open banking is to make cross transfers, banking and money management easier whilst removing barriers yet Curves actions go completely against this principle by forcing customers to signup. Makes no sense, serves no purpose.

Curve the fundamental rule of product management is that when you make changes you must be solving a problem for your customer and enhancing that feature. Instead you’ve ignored this principle, you’ve not identified a problem you have created one and you’ve made this change not to enhance your customers experience but instead try and try new actives. You should not be forcing your customers to be your sales teams. That’s your job.

Unfortunately you seem to be wasting more time on poor changes like this than actual product enhancements. As a Curve investor this is worrying… Your paid plans are poor and i only pay mine as an investor to support (although you also haven’t sorted those cards either).

Focus on improving your customers and NOT on growing sales. Sales first approach always fails, customer first approach always succeeds fix it!