When will Curve be available in Greece?

Hi @Curve_Marie,
When will be available in Greece? As I see:
Later in 2018, we plan to start shipping cards to:

  • France
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Spain

But is it real??

And one more question, if I move to another country what papers required in order to send me the card?

Hello @dimitrism,

I’ll check up on this and will ask for an update on the webpage. Thank you for bringing it forward :slight_smile:

From the FAQ’s:

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thanks for the info @Curve_Marie .
Also how to change from commercial card to personal card??

Then we are talking different account types, not just the card. This is one for the Customer Support team, they have the expertise to answer any questions regarding your own Curve app, card, and transactions :slight_smile:

I don’t mind to keep my account as it is! The only I care is to start using my curve card again. Cause in Greece you stop your services. Do you have any idea when will start your services in Greece again?

So I case I move to another country I just send a email and let the support to change my address so to send me a new card to work again. Right?

Just checked with the team. We don’t have a date for being back in Greece yet, sorry :confused:

If you move you can contact Customer Support to change your address. They’ll be able to help you out and ask you for some documentation.

Thank you for the info. Keep this post update in case you start support Greece again @Curve_Marie .

Will do @dimitrism :smiley:


Hello, I am reviving this old topic as I don’t see an update since then.
One of the reasons I was an early adopter of Curve was the ability to add my EUR cards from Greece alongside the GBP ones. This ability was short-lived, and I had to only use my GBP ones since “the ban”. If I had to guess, I would believe that this is somehow blocked because of fees that either Curve or the Greek bank is forcing to the other party.
Can you give us an explanation why Greece is treated differently than other EUR countries and who’s causing the “ban”? Even if it is on Curve’s side, we would be interested to hear your side of the story. Having said that, I wasn’t able to get anything from the Greek bank’s side, other than nonsense excuses pointing to online transaction safety rules which they don’t apply in this case.
Thanks in advance.

Most likely due to fact that Greece was in hard financial situation few years back (it was all over in the news). Some restrictions was imposed for banking systems back then. Dont know if they are lifted now or still in place.

We still have capital control although the current limitations are very loose for 99+% of the population. There are rumours that next month they will lift all limitations.

Hope that Curve will work for us again soon, I really miss this card.

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Finally some good news! Yesterday Curve started emailing old customers from Greece, with instructions how to enable their account and receive a replacement card. Also Greece is now named among the countries where Curve is available. Seems like we’re back in business!!!