When will you add Turkish Lira (TRY) support?

When do you plan to add Turkish lira to the supported currencies so I can charge my underlying card in TRY? It seems like the Turkish lira is the only major currency you do not support currently.

That would interest me too. I do many travels to Turkey.


It wouldn’t affect travel to Turkey, only cards that are linked to TL accounts.

You get great rates in every currency already as long as your cards are in one of the supported currencies.

In weekend you get a weekend markup
With go back in time with revolut you can remove the weekend fee

Did that on my recent trip to spain

I know I have a turkish card also.

Currently there are 26 supported currencies in this list and most of them are from countries where curve is unavailable so Turkish Lira definitely deserves a spot in the list too.

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Hi @hup! So you use your Curve during the weekend with any card linked and then on Monday you go “back in time” and select your Revolut card for the payment ?

I have 1 revolut mastercard
1 revolut visa card
Set the card to local currency, EUR, GBP, ETC
On monday, you use go back in time with the another revolut card
And the payment with the weekend fee are deleted, and the payment without any fee are paid

You can get a virtual card in the revolut for free, to get an extra card


Cool :sunglasses:, you are clever man, thank you :wink:

But since TRY are not supported that trick dont work for turkey

I am waiting for this support as well :wink:

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