Where did you spend money from crowdcube on?

As I am investor I want to know where the money from crowdcube goes.
I would like to know how much you spend for referral system, advertising, another countries expansion, onfido verification system etc.

How much we lost on curve send? (closed after few weeks)

Why these informations is not public for investors? Hey, we gave you 60mln £.

Hi welcome to the forum! I want to know too, but I don’t think they legally have to disclose those details unfortunately… As they are not afloat in the stock market I think.
Personally I think the rebranding thing was a really stupid idea.
About the curve send thing, other than what they have lost on it, also need to take in mind how many new sign up the gain by introducing it and the free publicity they might have received.

But generally, I would like greater transparency for crowdfunding investors too.

Irrespective of the source of investment funding (unless in some sense privately negotiated), I would not expect the company to stipulate how the funds were allocated. Now… if you were a Board member, that might be different. :thinking:


He could always apply. :wink:


I think the best you can hope for are the accounts they’re required to provide to companies house each year.


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That’s not strictly true as an investor don’t we have an annual report each year which will break down what the OP is asking for?

I doubt the annual report will be as granular as @gohanek10 might hope.


It will be if you know what to look for and have a bit of accounting experience. It all depends if you know what to look for really. For the majority of people yes you’re right.