Where do you go to find great deals?

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How’s your summer going?

I’d love to learn more about where you go to find great deals. Do you have a favourite forum for travel offers? Is there a deal comparison site you keep coming back to?

Do you follow people on social media/youtube for great advice?

Money Saving Expert and Head for Points are big in the UK, but what about in :es: Spain, :it: Italy, or :fr: France?

Where do you go @pjleonmartin, @Mattia, and @tguiot?


Hello @Curve_Marie,

All good here, for me for France :fr:, I usually got to:

To find great deal and to compare prices leDénicheur - Comparer les prix pour optimiser vos achats ! (ledenicheur.fr)

For Travel I go to: Routard.com | Guide de voyages & week-ends | Forums & Photos and Guides de voyage Petit futé - Guide touristique en ligne (petitfute.com)

As a fluent English speaker, I do follow English speaking Youtubers for travel. TheLifeOfJord for example.



For me in the Netherlands https://nl.pepper.com (but I have the app installed) is the place to go. But actually they have sites in multiple countries. I know their German site (mydealz) is huge in terms of users/visitors.


CholloMetro is pretty popular in Spain (part of Pepper as @poeliev mentioned already).
UK I like LatestDeals.co.uk and Hotukdeals.com


Broke and Abroad or Skyscanner for flights

Omio or Trainline for train journeys

Voyage Privé for stays, flights and a bit of everything

Get Your Guide for activities


I usually get deals from Blue Light Card , Health Services Discounts and sometimes flash deals on Topcashback , Quidco


+1 vote for Skyscanner.


Hello @Curve_Marie, doing well :stuck_out_tongue:

For the comparison of the prices, there are various sites in Italy:

For flights:

At the moment, I do not follow any YouTuber


This is brilliant :smiley: Thanks for sharing! Will have a look trough all of them :nerd_face:


What a great post! :grin::+1:

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Thanks @Andysplash :blush: Keen on learning from more members as well. How do you find great deals?

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Any new features coming soon? :eyes:

The king in Spain is chollometro.com

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Yes, here in Germany mydealz.de is the biggest platform with 1.7 mio. members and around 200,000 visitors per day.

They have subsidiaries in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, GB (hotukdeals), France, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, India, Russia and Italy.

hotukdeals.com has also 200,000 visitors per day.

For travel deals I use

But also mostly mydealz, because their users collect the best deal and keep them up to date

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Pricerunner in Denmark for buying anything.
Google flights for EU flights
Skyscanner outside EU.

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Hotukdeals.com for the UK

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