Where Has the Argos Cashback Gone?

I wanted to make a large purchase from Argos today and went to double check on the Rewards tab and Argos no longer appears. It was there 2 days ago. Has it been pulled?

I still see it under my Active tab.

But Curve have just emailed me about cashback, showing that I can get 6.3% at Groupon, cashback at Expedia, 3.93% at Booking.com, 2.1% at Hotels.com - and of course not one of these vendors offers cashback in reality.

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Thank you - found it now. Why it doesn’t appear under “ALL OFFERS” is anyone’s guess. Such confusing UI.

Just got it this morning. It is under the Always active tab.
I quadruple dip at Argos. I get from Top cashback, Curve, and Airtime rewards, Chase/rewards credit card.

I wonder if the Argos cash back will actually be paid though reflecting the recent issues Curve have with cash back such as with Marks and Spencer’s? With M&S and Booking.com their solution to cash back not being paid seems to be to pull the offer rather than solving the problem.

Argos cashback immediately goes to Curve cash once it is processed. Mine is already there for the purchase I made this morning

Well done! I don’t trust Curve cash back as a result of the problems reported here. If it posts straight away there’s no issue but you don’t know that until the transaction has taken place, and if it doesn’t post then the problems begin…

Trust the process

With most financial companies I’d agree but clearly with Curve the cash back process can’t be trusted.

If you want stuff like that to remain then probably not a good idea to yell out about it.

Only if it worked that way. Should we assume they do not know that exists?

Yes. Or that the volumes are so low that nobody cares. When everyone starts stacking A+B+C+D and the retail merchant is paying out X times and a bean counter notices - that is when you lose it.

Curve so rarely manages to pay cashback compared to other companies I think is a fair bet that you’ll increase custom without ever having to pay out. And unlike other companies even when customers follow up due to the nonpayment it disappears into the customer support black hole.

As an innovative Fintech Curve really should think or renaming customer support to a more appropriate title. Certainly it’s been a misnomer over the last couple of years but I now wonder if there is anyone left. Has that department been closed to save money?