Where have you been with Curve?

I’m in Hungary and Curve works well here, please add it to the map.

Spain, Russia, China, US, Israel, Germany, France.

Thanks @RP, Added!

Added @bogorad :slight_smile:

Used Curve in URAGUAY! Also took it to Argentina and Chile, but didn’t get a chance to use it there


You can add Nepal, Malaysia and Myanmar to your map if you’d like!


Iceland, Qatar, Liechtenstein

Works just fine in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Turkey, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Bulgaria, Romania.

Works flawlessly in Bulgaria. No denies till now.

@swirlysplat Thank you! added :slight_smile:

@Ajh199 Thanks! Added them!

@mpheathuk Added them :smile:

Whoa, loads there! Thanks!

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

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Forgot to add - Albania back in Sept 2017.

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you can add India, i used my Curve there last summer.


Who’s travelling this Easter? :smiley:

Have you been to a country that hasn’t been mapped yet? :airplane:

I am traveling to Tbilisi in Georgia, don’t know if it has been mapped :wink:

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India in February

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I used Curve in Mexico :smile: :mexico: !


Im about to visit Hong Kong!

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Works well in Cyprus

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More blue is needed on the map picture :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::grin:

I’ll get this done later :smile: