Where is my money

I made a order in Amazon and i país with muy curve card. A cancelled the order the same day, Amazon says the dont hace the money but hoy charge It on mu account .

I wrote several messages and i dont receive answer.

Where is my money?

Amazon dont have It and me either.

similar problem myself, call them on the number on back of card and chase.

They did call me back same day, sadly though not heard anything since that call 3 days ago

It’s possible Amazon are yet to reverse the payment and haven’t yet told us to reverse the payment - best thing to do is contact us at support@curve.app and our team can have a look for you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it can take a few days to get back in to the account as curve waits for the refund to complete fully before adding it back. It will come but if worried mail support@curve.app and they will be able to help you

From experience, Amazon is not a reliable source when it comes to knowing what money they have or have not and what they’ve actually already done/processed