Where’s my card?

Have any one else had issues with receiving their Curve Metal card?

For nearly a month now, I’ve been in a back and forth email thread with Customer Services (Jake, Kris A and Francis).

Ordered the black Metal card, didn’t arrive, presumed lost. Was apparently re-issued a replacement card which too didn’t arrive.

I’ve now been told the black Metal card is constrained and that I can either wait two weeks for a re-issue, or choose another colour now (I ended up choosing red).

How are cards delivered? Which postal service?

Not a good start to my 12-month membership.

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same boat here, waited for a week, and contacted customer service. They are offering reissue a new card and they assumed the card was lost. I choose to wait for a few more days given that the strike of royal mail.

but after reading your post, I am not sure, maybe my card was never shipped anyway…

(I chose white metal card during the upgrade in Black Friday promotion.)

Mine arrived today! None of the other metal features have activated unfortunately… did you get access to multiple cards etc as soon as you upgraded?

Finger crossed mine can arrive today, I can use all features as soon as I upgraded. I was on Black legacy tier though.

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App features activated on signing up (adding multiple cards etc.) but they’re pretty redundant without the actual card present.

Can’t you use Apple Pay/Google Pay?

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The option within the app to add to Apple Pay disappeared on the first re-issue and hasn’t returned. I’ve just noticed that on adding the expected card details to Apple Pay manually, the card appears to be Curve Blue.

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That’s correct, you’ll have a blue card, which has the benefits of metal, until you get the metal card activated and then your Apple Pay will update with the black card.

If you manually add your card into Apple Pay does that work for you?

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