Where to select 1% cash back retailers?

I was trying to select three retailers where I can get 1% cash back however I can’t find where the tab to choose them ?
Can someone give a heads up.

Select the Curve Cash Card in the wallet on your Curve app, and press either the gearwheel (Android) or the i (iOS) below it.


However, I’m still unable to locate Thai

You need to click the ‘I’ under the Curve Cash Card. You clicked the ‘I’ under some other underlying card.

Thank you, test worked however for some reason It saya that the cashback is valid for 3 Montes only.
Ate the Curve pushing to apple for premium Card now Or that was always the case?

Thank you In advance

Curve Cash(back) for the free blue Curve card has always been 3 months only.

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