Where will metal be in 12 months?

A question to Curve

Many of us legacy black card holders have invested £1000+ into Curve. As you know from multiple other threads the deal for us legacy customers is not a good one (unless Curve changes the options). Currently after 12 months of metal we get thrown to blue unless we continue to pay for metal. We are not allowed to go back to where we were unlike any other user.

With that in mind please will you tell us how metal will look like in 12 months time.

Nobody can say the current difference from black to metal is significant. Certainly not enough for me to change up.

Hopefully within 12 months Curve will have Apple Pay which will almost render the physical card useless anyway.

At the moment you are being totally unreasonable asking your legacy users to invest and putting us back to blue if we do not elect to continue to pay for metal, even though we have zero idea what metal will be in12 months.

You must have SOME idea of the metal plans. Please will you share them before we have to make the decision to accept your metal offer or not.

Better still allow us to move back to black if we elect not to stay on Metal just like everybody else.