Which metal card colour did you choose!?

Arrived today, and yes, it’s a blue one!

Hi all, has anyone received their new Metal card yet? Very much looking forward to it… gutted about the Amex issue but still going to stick with Curve (I think it’s MAGIC) and am justifying the £15/mo for the phone insurance, mainly (get everything else through my Amex Platinum subs).

I upgraded as part of wave 3 beta last Fri and still awaited my rose gold card - who has theirs yet, and how they finding it?

My Metal ‘card’ arrived today (31 Jan for those reading this in the future!). I wasn’t asked as part of the upgrade process which colour I would like, and as predicted, a (rather dark) blue one has arrived.

When i upgraded in app i had to select one of the three colours, when you changed the colour the picture changed in the app also? Did yours upgrade automatically?

I can’t remember the exact details of how the upgrade process went, but do clearly recall being surprised that I reached the end process without any explicit instruction to choose my favoured colour. So no, I was not presented with any colour choice.

I was presented with a carousel of the colours… chose ‘rose gold’ hoping it actually is, rather than just pink…

Hope mine comes tmz - excited!

I chose that colour too, ordered Sunday - still waiting. I’m hoping it’s not pink!!

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Hi ! Please, after you receive you “pink gold” card, don’t hesitate to give your feeling about the colour :slight_smile:
Metal isn’t available yet for us in France, but my choice will be the pink gold one…I feel this is the sole colour which gives a real high class feeling…( it’s just my viewpoint.).yeip…
Thanx a lot.

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Will keep you posted, Patrick :blush:

@pmsnowdon Yeah ! Thanx again ! Pink isn’t just for girls…aha :slight_smile:
A few years ago i had a gold card from a French bank, the gold was going to pink and not just gold. it was amazing . My personal and private opinion : The three colours are, of course, fantastic but … the spirit of the Blue one is too near from our “blue card” ( carte bleue in french) and the Red one ( even if in limited edition, i agree) is too far from the classic and timeless Black card or Gold card…
I repeat, this is just MY viewpoint . Curve’s job on metal cards is very well done, and i’m excited awaiting mine. :slight_smile:

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I did exactly the same. Didn’t realise the colour dots on the first screen were the colour selection, and was confused when I reached the end and hadn’t picked a colour. I messaged support straight away but haven’t had a reply, and then this morning the blue card arrived. :man_shrugging: Hoping I can get a replacement in a different colour.

Got my Blue metal card today, very stylish box. Signed up on Monday got it on Thursday. Im not bothered with the amex card saga I still think Curve gives me what I want thank you!! CURVE


Blue look great!!! Thanks for sharing

I agree! I saw that Amex in the US we’re offering its gold charge card customers a rose gold (metal) option (Google it) and it looks superb! Shame Amex has no plans to issue metal cards in Europe…

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I think that in case of no choice, or missing choice, they send the Blue one…
It’s maybe the most regular or common colour after all…in curve’s mind…:slight_smile:
Anyway, as soon as the metal is available for France, i’ll choose the pink gold.

I’ll take a look today on google. BTW, Amex is offering metal card for Europe !!! the Black one :slight_smile::slight_smile:…Try to have one and share the picture…aha ! :slight_smile:

Red all the way. I thought there was a mark on the card just to the right of the MasterCard logo at first, but they all appear to have it. Just arrived and ready to use. I don’t have an Amex card so no issues for me on that front :blush:



Ordered mine Sunday, still waiting. Just want to see what Rose Pink looks like!

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Think its the Master Card TM ( trade mark )

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Yeh it is, I also thought I had a scratch in the metal when i got mine!