Which PIN does Curve card use?

So there I was (today) suddenly in need of cash. I’d hit the limit for my primary bank debit card so needed to withdraw, via ATM, with a secondary debit card.

I’m pretty sure I’d forgotten the PIN for that secondary card but thought “hang on, I’ll try my Curve card” (I’m sharp, me :wink:).

It worked, of course. But it had me wondering, “does my Curve card override the underlying card’s PIN number or does it just so happen that both Curve and underlying card have the same PINs (set by me previously)?

(If that’s a stupid question, please don’t say so - I’m delicate :flushed:).

The card issued by Curve has its own PIN, which is completely independent from any other PINs set for your underlying cards. It remains the same no matter which underlying card you choose in the app. You can check it in the app under “View card PIN” in the Card tab. Therefore, if you process a transaction at the ATM using Curve, it can only go through if you authorise it with the Curve’s card PIN. Other PINs are never involved in the process, as Curve charges the underlying card as an on-line transaction (PIN not required).

It might turn out that your underlying card has the same PIN as your Curve card solely because of these reasons:

  1. You’ve changed the PIN on one of your cards to match the other,
  2. a coincidence (randomly generated number turned out to be the same on both your cards, the odds are 0.01%)

You can change your Curve card PIN at every ATM that supports this feature, although these might be hard to find in certain locations and many users on this community voted on this to change.

And there it is - thanks @Pawel :grin:

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No problem - I’m glad I could help! I’ve also renamed the title of this thread to be more informative for others and changed the category to a more relevant one. Hope you don’t mind.