Why bother to upgrade?

My partner upgraded to black so he could add Amazon to the rewards but wasn’t allowed. So now I’m not going to bother as that would be the only reason I would upgrade.
I think unless you have claimed any rewards from ‘x’ choice you should be able to switch.
I.e. I chose Spotify but cancelled my subscription before any rewards were claimed, but can’t change to so something else.

Hi @hayleyrmorgan :wave: welcome to the Curve community :slightly_smiling_face:
At the moment, if you upgrade to a different tier we will be able to reset your retailers, however, we can’t really extend the rewards period because it is a 90 days introductory offer. Our support team will be able to help more if you contact them in-app or via support@imaginecurve.com
We are, however, looking into extending our rewards programme so we hope we can offer better reward programmes in the nearest future!

I reached out directly to @MrChagle about his post, haven’t received a reply yet. That was the first post that was flagged.

Please do send me a DM with a link to a post that’s been flagged and you have a question about and the moderation team will clarify :slight_smile:

The first flag was followed by post asking why the previous post was flagged. That post was then flagged as off-topic, next post asked the same and it has become a circle.

Have reverted some automatic system flags hiding posts but as this topic seems to be going in circles have closed it.