Why did Curve charge me with weekend fee for paying in EUR from EUR card?

Hello. I thought that I understand Weekend FX fee policy, but it seems that I don’t :frowning:
I knew that Curve and Revolut use higher weekend FX fee, so I bought some EUR on Revolut, set Revo card in Curve app to EUR and go for grocery shopping in my country Poland (polish zloty PLN).

When I pay in PLN they charge me same amount in PLN - for example 15 PLN shopping, 15 PLN paying.
On weekdays when I was paying with EUR (using Revolut card in Curve app) Curve gave me some conversion rate for example 1 PLN = 0,21 EUR that means that if something costs 10 PLN they will charge Revolut card for 2,1 EUR and that is fine by me.
But on weekend I make some grocery shopping and it was weird… it was 67,95 PLN with exchange rate 0,2126 EUR for 1 PLN and… 0,22 EUR fee applied to weekend transaction.

Why? They don’t sell me EUR, I already have EUR on my Revolut account?
I must admit - I’m new to Plutus and trying to get cashback which means I need to have EUR transaction to GBIT to Plutus card later.

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You must set the currency of the card, in the card’s settings, and set the currency of that card. If the card is set to EURO currency and you make a purchase in PLN, Curve will do the conversion. If you want to avoid this, you should set the card to PLN when making purchases in PLN, and your associated Revolut card will handle the conversion. Curve cannot know what accounts and currencies you have in Revolut.


You can easily remove that fee. Add a virtual Revolut card to Curve, set its currency to EUR and move the transaction with Go Back in Time. Don’t forget to make sure that you have enough EUR on your Revolut balance first.


Good tip, @Oliverda :hugs:

Hello @mikel I want pay in EUR because of Plutus Cashback. Now I understand that Curve might don’t know about Revolut currencies and if I pay in Poland just only PLN won’t be charged additionally.
At weekend i need to use my polish card in PLN and don’t try to gain Plutus cashback.

Thank you for reply @Oliverda - are you sure it will work? My transaction isn’t 10 EUR and separately for example 0,2 EUR but it is shown as 10,2 EUR. So after GBIT i think it will be the same amount charged but on other card. Do you have experience in this matter?

Yes, I’m sure.

Then you’re going to get a 10,2 EUR refund in Revolut.

You don’t understand. I’ve bought EUR in Revolut for 4,70. It means that if i buy something for 47 PLN i will pay 47n PLN using polish card or for example Curve will use other little worse rate and after using Revolut card in EUR for something in polish store on weekday it will be 10,03 EUR (worse exchange rate) even if i bought 10 EUR for 47 PLN and my Revo card will be charged 10,03 EUR and thats ok, that’s little spread.
But there is problem that Curve took also for example 0,2 EUR weekend fee and total charged from my EUR Revolut is 10,03+0,2=10,23 EUR.
Which means that i already lost 0,2 EUR because my shopping cart is worth 47 PLN which is about 10-10,05 EUR and Curve charged my card for 10,23 EUR.
However maybe Curve after GBIT will return 10,23 on Revo and then charge new card for 10,03 without weekend fee.

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Weekend fee only applies to transactions with FX conversion.

Show us some screenshots please.

Their merchant charged PLN and the card selected in Curve was set to EUR, that is why they were charged the weekend fee.
That is how I understand their issue.

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Exactly @Daddykay.
Now I’ve learned my lesson @Oliverda that Curve doesn’t know if my Revolut card is in EUR. My mistake. I have to pay at weekend using my PLN card, and at weekdays with EUR to get cashback from Plutus.

In this case add a virtual Revolut card to Curve, set its currency to PLN and simply move the transaction using Go Back in Time. You’re going to get a full refund (including fee) for the original transaction.


:innocent: St Curve :rofl: :credit_card: :recycle: :innocent:

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AFAIK you can’t remove the fx fee after it has already happened. And you can’t GBT between different currencies.

So it can only be GBIT to other cards that also is set to EUR, keeping the fx fee. Same EUR amount to different card.

Maybe this trick would work for the backing card in case the fx had been happening there, but this is about the curve side

You can remove it using GBiT. I’ve done it a couple of times. It would work with the currency of the transaction (PLN) and the currency set for the underlying card (EUR) as well. You can try it easily.

You’re right, it does seem like it would want to charge the original charge without the fx fee if the currency of the new card matches.
However “something went wrong” and then app froze when I tried to go through :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok now it worked.
Feels like this is a bug, but a very good bug :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m fairly sure that it’s a feature. If you had a wrong card selected for the purchase you can fix it this way.

Yeah, but you will then also get a guaranteed fx rate which you can choose to update a couple of months later depending on if PLN vs EUR is better or not

Only if you have a subscription. :wink:

You can do this and get fees returned. Source: I have done it several times.