Why does Curve delete messages from customer’s end from in-app chat?

I had a chat today with Curve support through the app, to my surprise the whole conversation has disappeared once the support person closed the chat. Why doesn’t the customer retain a copy of this for future reference (just in case).
I have had several chats with Sky in the past but they can all still be visible on my end and I recently used the previous messages to pin their team for a mis-sold service which they finally sorted.

You should receive a chat transcript via email shortly after the chat is closed.

I didn’t get any

If you don’t receive anything, look in the spam. If you haven’t received anything yet, remember next time, to request a transcript before doing “End Chat”.

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Nothing in Spam folder. Chat was ended by rep as I was offline. Only read last bits from the notifications panel, nothing left in the app. Weird!

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You can find chats with your tickets.
Settings > help > Menu (top right corner)