Why has a refund gone into my Curve card and not to the original Card?

I have had a hotel refund which is now in my curve card, why did it not go to the card that was charged, and how do I now get that money into my bank?

I have the same issue with a large refund, my replacement card has gone missing and I can’t get any response from Curve support. Really not happy with customer support. Cant have such distant support when dealing with finance. How do we get out money into out bank account after refunds

Contact support (may require some patience :wink:) and ask them to transfer it to your IBAN account. Or…

Top up your Revolut account (or any other account that can be topped up by debit card) with your Curve card (select Curve Cash as your underlying card) and transfer the money from the account, you just topped up, to your bank account.

Don’t have Revolut, should be away to transfer between existing cards

Probably there should be, but (for now) there isn’t.

You can ask support to wire you the refund via bank transfer, send them an email and include your IBAN + BIC.