Why have Curve limits lowered on new issued cards?

Why is it that I get an email form Curve asking to confirm my address so they can send a new card and I then get a new card issued with £200k less on the limits.

Seems a bit of a joke that the limits can be cut that much on the basis of a Curve request to issue a new card.

Anyone know is what’s happening here?

Hi Philip, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m sorry to read that you’re having issues with your limit being changed on a reissued card.

Since it’s a account issue I’m afraid you will have to speak with a member of the Curve customer service team. You can do that via the app of itself or via Twitter @AskCurve or via email at the address support@curve.app

I hope that helps,



So I know I can ask Curve but as a member of the community I wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience.

I got the same then i got a local investor card
I have to write to the support to change my limit back

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Did they give a reason for the reduction?

Dont remeber

Quite a dismissive attitude to have for someone that was offering help to you in good faith.

Sorry that you feel that way.

Happened to me as well when I activated my Metal card. Limits reduced from 300 to 100k/year. Asked for old limits back to be told they had no record of higher limits! Interesting answer since I’d spent 110k in the previous 12 months! Just means I’ll now have to save my Curve for HMRC as got a big payment due in January & use other cards for day to day spend which kind of negates the 1 card selling point.