Why it's impossible to pay in other currency than pounds?

I tried to pay in zloty few times, and it wasn’t available…

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You shouldn’t have any issues paying in PLN - I’d suggest dropping our support team a message in-app or by emailing them at support@curve.com.

I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help!

That could depend on the merchant. I don’t know exactly why, but when I pay to Ryanair with Curve I can only pay in GBP, with their abusive exchange rate!!! Every time I try to change it to EUR, the transaction fails. Of course, I use other card with them, I am not paying that crazy change!. So far this is the only merchant where I got my Curve card declined because of the currency used.

I agree
Shops at istanbull airport do the same

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Check your receipts - is the merchant using a payment processor called “eservice”? If so, the POS terminals automatically apply DCC to UK contactless cards. If you watch the POS screen carefully you’ll even see the DCC opt-in flash up on the screen just before you are automatically opted-in and the txn record receipt is printed.
This type of automatic DCC opt-in is against Mastercard’s rules and so you should be entitled to a refund on the extra fees and interchange rate loss.

I did complain to curve support
They could not help

Both Mastercard and the EU have tightened the rules on DCC. Involuntary DCC is a serious breach of Mastercard merchant rules and illegal within the EU/EEA.
See https://www.mastercard.com/elearning/dcc/docs/DCC%20Guide%2020.02.17%20EN.pdf
and https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/business_economy_euro/banking_and_finance/documents/200408-currency-conversion-transparency-requirements-statement_en.pdf

You should press your case - involuntary DCC amounts to a fraudulent transaction. You are entitled to the difference between the DCC’ed amount and the non-DCC’ed amount. Use the Mastercard FX calculator at https://jmp2.link/mcxe to help you with this.

It was at Istanbul airport
They charged me in GBP instead of the TRY

The location is irrelevant. The Mastercard rules apply worldwide and the EU Regulations apply to all bank payment cards issued within the EU/EEA.

How can i proof i am right?
I don’t have the recipe or any evidence they forced me to pay in the wrong currency

You don’t need the receipt to make a claim. You should simply give the facts of what happened. The key points are that you purchased an item priced in TRY but DCC to GBP was applied without informed consent from you. Did you have anyone travelling with you able to confirm what happened?

No i was traveling alone

Ryanair accepts only certain currencies - USD, EUR, GBP. It should be your choice in which to pay

Also DKK

I mean on-board

Never said the opposite, of course they accept any of these currencies, but linked to the issuer of the card. If the card is from a Danish bank (as I used to use), you have to pay in DKK, if the card is from UK (as Curve card is identified), then it has to be in GBP. With my Spanish cards I pay in EUR without problem.

Is this legal? Honestly I don’t know, knowing how Ryanair works, probably not, but very unlikely you will win any complaint (still waiting for refund on cancelled flights in March :weary:)

I did always pay in EUR

I was in Malta back in march, i did pay in EUR onboard

You can use curve customer protection, and ask them for a charge back

Maybe my card is identified as british while yours is EURO, I don’t know. I am talking anyway of the web site, when buying tickets.

No need, I just used a different card.

It is not completely true. If I understand right you want to pay on your local currency worldwide, but this is impossible!
Some merchants suggest currency according to BIN.
So if your underlying card is in DKK and you pay in GBP with Curve, your underlying will be charged in DKK exchanged in Curve with ZeroFX.

The store still get benefit for a bad exchange rate