Why switch to the black card?

Hello, would you give me some good reasons to switch to the black card? Knowing that being a bit old :wink: I cannot benefit of the travel insurances.
Thanks for any piece of advice :smiley:

Summary right there. If it doesn’t meet your needs you can still go lower to Blue

Thanks for your message. I already knew the black card features. My question was much more black card user oriented: why have you switched from blue to black? Why have you decided to do it? One has to spend 1000 euros per month to get the money back …

Unlimited fare FX rate is the deal breaker for many.

OK thanks. Provided one travels a lot obviously.

Some are just for online transactions in foreign currency. I remember lamenting why I knew about so late about Curve. In 2019 I made 7 transactions in AUD each in the range of £370 equivalent and each time my bank would charge me £10 as FX fee plus 0.1% for any extra above £100 equivalent. So that’s over £70 lost in a single year yet I made other fx transactions in different currencies. It’s the major reason I signed up for Curve when I got to know about it in April 2020.