Why was Amazon payment declined?

I tried to make a purchase on amazon earlier (under £20). It seemed to go through ok, but then I got a message from curve saying it was declined as there wasn’t enough money on my curve account. I have around £3.50 curve loyalty points, and well over a grand in my linked account. So I tried again and the same thing happened. I’ve used curve with amazon before and had no issues, though I see others had earlier this year. So what could be the problem with this?

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Not sure from your post if you did, but if you tried to pay the full £20 with your Curve cash card expecting the remaining £16,50 would be automatically taken from your another account/card, unfortunately it does not work like that.

Thanks for the reply.

I just used the card as my preferred payment method. Surely if the points amount was less than the amount payable then my bank account would be used for the full amount. Otherwise I would never be able to buy anything greater than my points.


I am afraid this is how it works at the moment. So if you have £3,50 as points and want to buy something that costs £5,00 with your cash points, you will not be able to do so (automatically). You can ask the merchant to split the payment (first pay £3,50 with the cash card and the rest with another card/account), but that is it.

Also see this topic:

And a possible solution:

It would be nice if they could change this behavior so we could perhaps mark 2 cards to be used for the next purchase split in a certain ratio perhaps (50/50, 30/70 etc)

It would be nice, but I can’t really see it being a priority for now. There are other features on the ‘nice to have list’ that would be more useful to more people I think…

Didn’t think about the Amazon top up idea though - that’s a good one!

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