Why we have stopped using Curve

1st reason is terrible customer service.

2nd reason…stopped adding the partner 3% cashback automatically (legacy black) from when we received our red investor cards and it’s an absolute nightmare getting it added due to the terrible customer service.

3rd reason…been double charged twice recently when using GBIT.

4th reason…still debited a cash withdrawal even when the cash machine failed to dispense the cash.

5th reason…Curve Fronted which carries charges when my underlying Creation IHG credit card doesn’t!!

Myself and my wife have been using Curve since 2016 but the customer service and features, thanks to the introduction of Curve Fronted, over the past few years have steadily decreased so enough is enough.

If you play it right, a Revolut card can be funded for free with a points earning credit card which dramatically reduces the need for Curve.

I can’t continue using a card if I can’t trust it so good bye Curve and you only have yourself to blame.


Wow, really! I can remember your first post on this subject back in May and support confusing this issue with another issue where the Curve cash is not awarded when the merchant name is not recognised, where with your issue (regardless of the merchant name) you never get any cashback.
So after several months they did not manage to fix this (in a structural way). That would definitely put me off as well.

I am also on legacy black and I am investor, but since I joined just a little bit later I am on the (for me expired) Curve cash program.


Why I continue to use Curve

  1. Customer service have always been polite, fast and friendly to me

  2. The rewards thing is nice; I have chosen Amazon as one of my retailers because generously it is available even though everything comes from Amazon these days. I’ve earned some nice money over my time with Curve. And that’s nice - I like that.

  3. The Curve metal card looks beautiful. The curve metal investor card is a piece of the future, today

  4. Never been charged any money for anything from Curve. Love that they allow me to have literally all my cards with me when I go out (and I have several. There’s my personal Monzo. My business Monzo. My personal Starling. My business Starling. The joint account. The credit card. The other credit card…)

  5. I don’t remember the details but Curve stacks up some crazy good extra purchase protection on top of what I already get from my credit card. Buying with Curve I’m practically wearing chain-mail. Which I like.

  6. There’s a bunch of other benefits with Curve’s metal account, and I’m prepared to back good ideas and pay a bit of money to have a nice easy life.


Section 75 protection when using a credit card direct is far FAR better than what curve offers, if you use it through curve you lose that protection. It does though help with debit card transactions to a point.


5 is not true, the relationship is not “on top of”, you lost the underlying credit card legal protection (like uk section 75) when you pay through curve


Just a shame that your post is littered with fake news but I’m overjoyed about how happy you are with Curve.

All the best for the future, jsecure.


Supposing I’m wrong about the credit card protection, I still think I’m well protected if I pay with Curve. And I’m still happy.

People who go online to use phrases like “littered with fake news” remind me why the Internet looks so shabby these days.

I have been a beta tester and among those who joint back in 2016. I do admit that my usage has dropped significantly (once or twice in six months vs. multiple times monthly) as I’m seeing less value. I don’t know what happened to the management team which I thought would have turned more energetic and further ambitious after the latest round of funding (I’m an investor). The model seems to be focused on short term aspects like a catch and go rather than a long-term one. The fintech field is rapidly evolving and if curve continues to linger at this pace I’m afraid the Curve metal card may turn into a memorabilia item within a couple of years.

I love curve and I hope it gets reenergized and evolve to become a winner again.

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Also having this issue after receiving the red investor card.

It has been months and still not fixed, I wish I stayed with the normal card. Claiming the merchant name needs to match is not really correct, since I can clearly see the merchant name is “Boots” for example.

It’s just not worth the faff to manually keep track on the purchases and create a support ticket for it, and the waiting is getting longer and longer these days.

I have rarely use Curve because of this reason as well. Started using Amex more and more again.


Yup, customer service is awful. When they eventually respond, it’s so nonsensical, it’s as if they’re responding to a completely different question. Very disappointed as both a user and an investor.


The currency mechanism of Curve is very ugly.

Just top up my AppStore account with 10 USD.
But Curve converted it to EUR despite my card isn’t in EUR.

I think I will stop using Curve too.

Update: It seems that PayPal did the conversion for unknown reasons. My primary currency is USD and the preferred card is NOT curve. But PayPal choose curve and EUR!

Same for me in regards to the cashback, I thought it was just my account. I’m sick of contacting curve to let them know cashback has not tracked at all (im a legacy black so should get 3% from a variety of merchants). Then I get the same response that the merchant wasn’t set up correctly, even though the merchant worked perfectly pre investor. To add insult, Curve have then asked me to upload proof and receipts for the cashback claim. I shouldn’t need to chase, wait and then submit evidence for an automated mechanism.

This lack of caring/support/ability of curve makes me worried about the protection offered when paying by curve, so I make sure I pay for anything important via credit card directly, to ensure I get section 75 support. I appreciate Curve offers something similar, but I don’t trust it will work based upon my existing experience. I’m not saying it is worse, just I wont risk it.

Could you elaborate on this please?

Totaly agree with the 1st reason! The customer service has always been embarrassingly awful! I have been a customer for many years and 90% of the time I needed support they proved to be super slow to respond and completely unhelpful…

Recently I started giving Curve another go but there are so many times the transaction fails. Raised it to customer service but despite the multiple chasers they have been absolutely worthless and completely unwilling to investigate and fix… What a joke…

Until they take Customer Service seriously, the customers will not take Curve seriously…

Sorry but the above is not true you won’t be protected by your credit card AT ALL when using Curve as Curve is a 3rd party. What you are left with when things go west is Curve’s protection which is worse then if you just used your credit card in the first place.

Buyer beware!

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Curve card doesn’t work and support is funny.

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Can you please elaborate how you fund Revolut with a point earning credit card.
Sounds interesting but I suspect doesn’t work the way it is phrased. Thanks

You add the card to revolut as a funding card and top up via the app.

Recommendation on credit card?

Please be careful which credit card you use because some, such as Barclays, will charge a cash advance fee and to avoid interest, make sure the credit card is in credit by at least the amount that you wish to transfer.