Why we have stopped using Curve

If you request/receive replacement Curve card (for any reason, including upgrade/downgrade), your limits will reset. :wink: Desperate solution, but should work - it always happened when me or my wife received new card, e.g. last time when activating investor card.


this is something i did notice when i upgraded to black and then metal. that being said, a new curve metal card is around £70 if i’m not mistaken? definitely doable but an expensive way to have your limits reset

and downgrading could be a possibility of course, but i paid for my year in one go so i wouldn’t want to lose out on that subscription

unfortunately, as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing similar to Curve out there (with GPay/Apple Pay etc).
Till there is, Curve is the only way.
Customer support is a joke. I needed them 3 times so far and the responses have been way to slow.
Until they fix their support, this card doesnt have a place in my wallet


Have you tested it out recently? Curve now offer live chat support directly through the app, and I’ve had great experiences so far. I had to get in touch last Sunday for an issue and it got resolved live within 10 min.


Stopped using Curve recently when I for no reason had many declines because I have reached the limits (which I didn’t according to the app). I sent a ticket to support team which told me to verify my identity. Sent a picture of my ID etc and haven’t heard back since and this was almost 3 weeks ago.

And there are some other minor things that grinds my gears such as not be able to remember a specific transaction category (have to manually edit them afterwards), disposable cards etc etc.
If Curve had the functionality Revolut has then it would be the best card in the world feature wise.

But those issues are minor compared to my biggest concern which is trust.

I don’t trust Curve as a service when I pay for expensive things and in case there is a declined transaction. For daily purchases I don’t see any issues using it but once I need to pay for something expensive, for example a new TV, I would never use my underlying card with Curve because of the uncertainty if something happens with the transaction or if I have guarantee issues.

For example if you pay for your airline ticket with Curve and request a refund for the ticket or delayed luggage then the card issuer might not help out just because the transaction was made through a “different card” (I know many people say that it won’t be a problem but I wouldn’t chance if I made a $5-10K transaction).

Because of this trust issue I need to carry the other cards with me anyway which contradicts the whole idea of just carrying one card, so what is the purpose of bringing Curve too?

I really like the idea with Curve but right now this is not a service I will continue to use.
I wish you all the best and hope that it will be a successful service which I might considering using in the future.

I had posted a comment about the need for a quick instant way to unblock a card. I personally know 2 people who have given up chasing curve to unblock and simply reverted to using another card or mobile payment.

I also had issues with slow response from curve when I recently tried to make an online transaction and was asked for 3DS confirmation code. A 5 minute timer was counting down and after several minutes I tried the verify using app option…it said open app and follow instructions, but when I opened the app there were no instructions or any option to verify the transaction.
The timer finished and the merchant site said the transaction was declined by the card issuer. I spent an hour trying to find help in the curve app and eventually gave up and used a different card.
After the hour I received a text with the verification code!!

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I have also reached the end of the line with Curve due to non-existent support in the app and slow (several days) response to email.

It’s a pity, as I have used Curve for a number of years. For me now, the only advantage over simply using Google Pay is GBIT, which I use rarely but which has proven useful on occasion.

But lack of support outweighs any advantages.

Recently I was reminded by an ATM receipt that I still have not gotten a response from Curve for almost 6 months to resolve a gazillion issues.

After bumping into another user’s feedback here I felt it was time to share my own reasons. Similar to his experience.

  1. Customer service: Zero.

  2. Referring to his point number 4 in his point. Similar happened to me. I made a cash withdrawal and I still have received back my 250 USD from Curve. Card has been debited, no money came out. Bank verified that they have no disrepancies and it’s Curve’s fault to refund this since I am out of pocket 250 USD-ish.

  3. The endless discussion from last year up to April back and forth about the fact that I am currently abroad and not in the EU, and they decided to cancel/block my curve card when I have TWO RESIDENCES. One in the UK, one in Taiwan.

We went to Taiwan (my wife is Taiwanese) 2 months before the pandemic hit, and due to circumstances, we were not planning to go back soon since it was much safer here than Europe.
For a year I used Curve card in Taiwan without problem, until Curve decided to question this and started to block my card. And they give zero F’s about it.

  1. The fact that I was also addressing a problem with my premium metal subscription. Which I pointed out on THIS forum in public:

I noticed that Curve did not charge me for a whole year or premium, I reached out to them saying that they should and have to look into this issue, because if this happens to me, this is possible that other users are freerolling their subscription as well.
It took them 1 hour to respond and to charge what I was owed.
I was honest about this, reached out, they took my money and now I can’t use Curve for 6-8 months already.

I give up on Curve.
They owe me money, they do no respond and the fact that I am also unable to login (using password link by email that keeps giving errors) it’s a Titanic.

I want my money back from that withdrawal that was made on the 31st of May 2021.
It’s the principle that counts now.
You did a series of unacceptable events actions that are unjustifiable at this point.

I was always a big fan of Curve, I used it EVERYWHERE. until all this happened.


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I’m a bit late on this, but I’d like to add my 2 cents.

I’m not sure it is in the UK, but vivid money (a german online bank) gives you a numberless metal card for free. The card details (number, etc) can only be seen in the app and you can even request to regenerate those details once a month for free.

I like CURVE and I think it is very useful, but I don’t see this ‘futuristic’ aspect.


Where is that information?

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Curve doesn’t issue credit cards, it only issues debit cards so has no section 75 protection as that’s only with a credit card.

A “simple” chargeback is applied to CREDIT and DEBIT cards…

Nice article: Debit & credit card chargeback: protection on faulty goods - MSE

Curve does offer Curve customer protection.

And you also get the usual MasterCard charge back:


Curve users are also protected by Mastercard® chargeback rights, where refunds may be provided if goods are damaged, not as described, or the merchant has ceased trading.


Well, security and protection are very important aspects of credit and debit card use, so, there should be easy access to dispute a transaction over the APP. There is none. There is a way to contact the support via chat, that takes days to get answered, and even so, sometimes the issue has to be reopened because customer support just don’t care…

As can be read here:

“What is a Consumer Dispute” What is a Consumer Dispute?

and here:

“Raise a Chargeback claim” Raise a Chargeback claim

There is a dedicated chargeback/dispute form that can be used.

And there also is a form for unauthorised/unrecognised transactions and fraud.


Thanks! (Nonetheless, a direct app option on the transaction itself to initiate a chargeback or communicate fraud would be nice)

Btw, there is a broken image link on this help page: I have an unrecognised transaction.


Been waiting for a couple weeks now, wonder if I should just wait longer or try something else. My card expires today and haven’t received the replacement that was due to arrive supposedly by the end of last month. Know multiple people that also haven’t received their replacement cards when their current ones are set to expire today or by the end of next month, people who use curve on a daily basis

Finally got a reply using the twitter channel and by email.

Let’s see if this time they will not close the ticket without solving.


Support replied through the APP, and for the second time, closed the ticket / chat WITHOUT resolving anything! I was extremely clear in my request, and support just doesn’t get it / don’t bother to get it!!! :\

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Do they owe you money? If not, just close your account and walk away. I think you’ve invested enough of your time.

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