Why we have stopped using Curve

agree, they are polite and friendly but not fast, maybe 6 months ago but not anymore! specially if you want non existent transaction refund! looks like they wanna waste customer time to stop him complaining and forget about the money!

Aqua Rewards card (no longer available to new customers) works fine with Revolut. Only 0.5% cashback, but better than nothing.

I’m going to leave now also purely due to customer service. I can’t think of another company that is worse than this.

I was a very active user pretty much from the beginning since CURVE is available in Germany, and also made a considerable investment into CURVE during their crowd funding campaign.

Unfortunately, I use CURVE only rarely these days, and not for the intended use. There is only one reason: the total lack of appropriate customer service.

If you expect a refund or must do a chargeback it takes weeks or months until the problem is resolved. Both things occur in these crazy times mostly with travel associated spending, and I loved it to carry just one card on trips.

Only one of my 5 open cases has been solved so far, after months of very slow and not very helpful responses.

Therefore, I use the card only for spending where I definitely do not expect to need the customer service like grocery shopping, food ordering or restaurants. It is a pity that they do not seem to get this under control. CURVE should remember that the hardest thing for a company is to get a disappointed customer back. I also feel a bit embarrassed because I convinced about 10 people to use CURVE in my excitement. Unfortunately, they all have similar problems now, and I feel a bit responsible.

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I was so excited to get the Curve and upgraded to Curve black only couple of week after I started using it.
Everything was perfect, and I was very happy when my Curve Black card arrived.
Unfortunately, the insurance, that was supposed to come with Curve Black, was never activated (or Curve hiding from me insurance policy number), and the card itself worked for less than 24 hours.

On a very next day after activating Curve Black card, it was blocked for “suspicious activity” when I was trying to pay on a gas station. There is nothing worse to get stuck in the middle of the road without gas and without working payment card…Luckily, Apple Pay was accepted, and I have other cards there…
It took more than 4 days (!) to get Curve card unblocked, which involved phone call, sending e-mails, and continuously nudging on Twitter.

This is total disaster. Normally, if the card is blocked for suspicious activity, it takes only few minutes to solve the issue with card issuer (one a phone call), but not with Curve… 4 days !!!

Curve’s monthly fee is MORE than I’m paying for MasterCard Platinum cards (which includes 24/7 concierge service), but Curve has no customer service ? Really ?

If I always need to carry all my cards with me on the trip (being 4 days without working card is not an option), then why I do need Curve for ?

Trying to downgrade back to “Blue”, will see how much time it will take…

It took less than a month from being extremely excited and happy, to being extremely disappointed…

Curve, if you will not solve the Customer Service issue, you will have no place on the market as a company…

@Hannah , I hope Curve Management are reading this thread…

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Hey, I can assure you that I’m taking all this feedback and passing it directly along to the relevant team.


…and they just ignore it?

Seems to be that Customer Service resource has not scaled in line with business growth.

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@Hannah , I was VERY persistent, most users would be giving up way before me.

It was very hard to sign up, and took almost two weeks (for the reasons I don’t understand till today).

Initial (annual) limits were much lower than my monthly spending, so i wasn’t able to use the card except for grocery purchases. It took another week to adjust the limits to a bit more “acceptable” for the beginning.
Ok, somewhat understandable, but still leaving “bad taste”. There are much better ways to handle that, for sure.

“Cash back” wasn’t working properly. This issue alone would be very minor - “Shit happens”. But if we will add it to the list of issues, it doesn’t look minor anymore.

And after all - card was blocked at the most inconvenient moment, and it took 4 days to unblock it. That was the last drop, where I completely lost my trust in the company.
It’s ok to block the card, but 4 days to unblock and no real way to contact customer service ???

The only reason I proceeded after difficulties in signup process, is that I was really excited about the product, and yet, Curve managed to ruin that excitement. Usually, people will not proceed past this point.

Basically, the idea behind the product is FANTASTIC, but the execution is not…

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Far too little, far too late!

If you mean by the “relevant team”, well the support team are well aware of user complaints… What needs to happen is that you pass directly the feedback to the management, your CEO and it’s execs! They need to get they message that Curve will be in serious trouble if they continue to ignore customers complaints and finally start investing on the support!

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Of course not. As Marie has explained on this topic: Allow changing cashback retailers every 6 or 12 months. Or add them in gradually, every bit of feedback that is passed to our team is recorded and discussed. Our teams then work on them in sprints and projects, which can take different amounts of time. Changes and new features won’t happen over night but they’re always been worked on behind the scenes.

By relevant team I mean our Product team, our insights team, our head of Customer Experience etc. I can assure you that we have internal processes for gathering feedback which is discussed weekly. We’ve also just improved this process so that gathering your feedback is easier and more straight forward.

I understand that it’s frustrating guys but we really do appreciate your honesty and how you provide your feedback on here, that’s what this Community is all about!


The bad customer service problems are known for years and still, nothing meaningful is being done about it… Your existing support and “internal processes” are simply inadequate. This fundamental issue needs to be escalated to the CEO and his execs which they should start taking support seriously.

Perhaps the most basic and necessary improvement should be allowing customers to speak on a chat/phone with an agent real-time. Then establish a complaint process that should be dealt be a separate complaints team.

Currently, as you should be aware, Curve Support is unbelievably bad:

  • most of the times there is no response,
  • even when there is a response that is after huge delays and it is unhelpful
  • there is no escalation nor complaint procedure.

Seriously where do you think this will lead you?
The situation is so bad that customers don’t even bother raising support issues as it is simply a waste of time. Well, you know what that means? If Curve doesn’t care about its customers, why would the customers care and use Curve?

I was going to start a new topic for my post but it may fit well here.
I’ve not had any issues with Curve. If I wanted to be picky I could complain about how long it takes for the app to open when the phone signal drops to 2G (even to just show my loyalty cards in the supermarket) but I won’t.
I got (blue) curve originally as a layer of protection over my bank cards. I love the idea and I think it works well. Lately I’ve been wondering why I use it at all. I have it registered on Gpay, but I now can’t explain why when Gpay uses tokenization and I have my other cards there too. Gpay is being used for almost all in-store transactions due to C19. OK so if my battery’s flat I have a backup physical card. What about on-line shopping and subscriptions? Well, I use Revolut, virtual and disposable cards (I also carry the physical card with me). If Revolut declines a transaction, I get a notification to authorise it; job done. It’s also my overseas go-to card. It concerns me that if the Curve card is blocked for suspicious activity, it can take ‘days’ resolve. This surely should be a quick in-app fix? I like Curve and wish it a long a flourishing life. But is it for me, I hope it still is. I’d like to perhaps see some virtual/disposable cards on Curve. That’d be good. But, well, I don’t pay for it so I’ll not dwell on it too long.

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I have to ask… what does this mean?

It means I think the Curve Metal Investor card is ahead of it’s time and has some quite futuristic features. It’s one of the first (possibly even the first) cards in the UK to do away with card numbers entirely on the card. It is also by nature of allowing you to access all your other cards, virtualising wallets. I think that’s the future one way or another, whether that’s everyone just carrying around their phone, or using their fingerprint or eyes, with those credentials tying back to their bank account in some way. It’s a metal card, a trend which is huge in the states but which has been slow to take off here. To date, you can get UK metal cards from Revolut, as of very lately, Monzo and Curve. You could have gotten the N26 card but they pulled out of the UK. Oh and the Amex Platinum Card is metal but you can’t use that in half of places.

So I think I make a good case the Curve Investor Metal card is quite futuristic.

…and soon to be an antique! :joy:

I like the Curve card. I’m sorry that’s an attitude which is a struggle for some people. But it’s how I feel. How odd to find someone expressing that opinion on the Curve community board.

Do you know you can just put a sticker on your regular cards?

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You can also get metal card from e.g. Crypto.com or Swipe.io that both offer very nice perks like 1 % up to 8 % cashback from every purchase (except transactions potentially usable for cheating on bonuses), Spotify/Netflix/Amazon/… full rebate etc. :money_mouth_face: So there are other, pretty competitive options that work very nice in combination with Curve. :sunglasses:

Yes, that really helps if someone steals your card… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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