Will Curve exist in a year?

Hey folks, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon, don’t you worry :muscle:

Like many other companies, we’ve faced a rough couple of years of dealing with inflation and the pandemic but we’ve weathered these storms and have shifted our focus towards revenue to ensure that we can make good on the trust placed on us by our investors and users.


Welcome back @Curve_Joel !

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Any update on the Virgin Money issues?

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I don’t know why it shouldn’t My wife and I have been using our cards without any problems! We love it,
Works with apple wallet. Never had trouble using it in stores or restaurants, Can’t wait till i can add my
Visa credit cards to my curve card. Love my curve card U.S


I would also love to see Curve be the best it can be, but until thr support issues are resolved I cannot see them scaling further. I am on the verge of losing patience with a support ticket I have had open and keep getting transferred to different agents to report it to the ombudsman. ‘Premium Support for Metal customer’…


Good to hear. Take away them FX fees on weekends for Metal customers


I will not be renewing my black/metal subscription next year. I use mine for work mainly and it’s been a hassle on business trips. Renting a car is painful as curve is technically a debit card and a lot of rental car companies won’t accept a debit card. If a hotel pre-reserves some amount (like all hotels do), they refund once the bill is settled and curve often holds on to it for ages. Their customer service/response is virtually zero for me. I think they probably will exist in 1 year from now, but I won’t be a customer, unfortunately.


I’ve been very happy with Curve and yes, I think that they’ll still be around. Hopefully prospering.


didn’t they say the same thing about revamping their customer service and getting up to speed already more than a year ago?


They did. Because exactly a year ago I was also desperate to get support and that was precisely the answer.
The difference is that now I’m a metal card subscriber and that now it’s even taking longer than before. So…

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Trustpilot, for example, state that the most accurate ratings are from companies that solicit reviews, because it encourages people who had good experiences to also review the product, as well as those with bad experiences who are the ones who would independently seek to write a review. Soliciting reviews gives a better picture of the overall state/quality of service a company provides.

People come to these forums, not to chat, nor to say how wonderful Curve is, but to find out about a problem they are having with curve or to air their disappointments. So reading these forums is going to give a distorted view on the state of Curve as a service.

I think we can all accept that Curve support is slow (its never been particularly brilliant) and improvements in support would be welcomed by those of us who are experiencing issues.

Side Note: I did get a response on twitter regarding the email notifications issue – its on their radar.

On the whole, with the odd glitch from time to time, Curve generally works. I don’t think its a failing and I think it will be around for a while, though other bigger players are moving into this space, so Curve does need to keep innovating.


Foolish question. How long is a piece of string?

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This doesn’t work. GBIT will keep the weekend fx fees.


Was chilling last night and my Apple Pay came up saying my curve card has been suspended lol wtf

Limitation of just 2 cards for free plans → makes Curve free USELESS
Limitation of favourable FX to a cap per month → makes Curve plans other than metal USELESS

This trimming of functionalities for the users to push them to move to pay-per-month plans is a boomerang that will kill redditivity of the company in no time:

  1. free plans are still making money for Curve with % on transactions (but now you limit them)
  2. this pushiness to make people migrate to pay-per-month plans smells of ‘desperation for revenue’ which is not a great signal altogether

As a Curve investor, and one of first adopters, I am concerned.

Why would I want to open a new Curve for just 2 cards, no benefits, limits to FX transactions, fees, … when there’s free options around (HSBC Global Money, Wise DebitCard).

Curve customer service absolute disasters, they had disabled my card since May 2022 without any notice and communication, since then still no meaningful response to resolve the problem. Not sure what’s going on with curve.

I have decided to leave metal I dont trust curve and not getting the support im paying for. im off to mono premium

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I am using one card on the free plan. I find curve immensely useful. Ive been using it for years.

Curve isn’t just for people who want to juggle transactions between multiple cards.

Don’t take it personally, but I believe that you are quite the exception in the user base of Curve.

The killer-use-case-scenario of Curve is a customer who

  • has accounts with debit cards in multiple currencies (maybe because he/she is an expat, or just had lived abroad for a while)
  • he/she does travel a lot and/or has interests abroad

These are the people impacted by the recent changes, who - quite likely - will leave Curve, when they’ll realize that even non-fintech old tyrannosaurus banks like HSBC UK now have free options for them.

If it would make any sense, I would cash my crowdfunding investment - as I don’t see a strategical growth in the cards, but rather a stay-afloat tactic: increasing fees for basic operations and try to push customers to paid plans for a constant monthly cash-flow.

I hope so and we support i guess.

“You have to focus everyone on one thing” - An interview with Curve CEO Shachar Bialick - AltFi