Will curve give me back my money or answer?

Did you already have that kind of issue : I made a paiement in july with my curve card. They took twice the amount converted on my account (it was a UBER ride)
Since I opened the ticket I have no real feedback, and now since 2 weeks even no answers !!!

What happens ? What are you doing guys ?

I suggest you to reply to the ticket with word “urgent” - it will get esaclated

Yep - @Chri that should help. Support don’t take that long usually.

Ok so even with URGENT, no answer from the support !
That’s the worst ever customer experience : it was on a business card and i need to give proof of what I spent.

Here I have an invoice which is more or less half of what was taken on the card. I don’t know where curve is going but I think that’s definitely not the right way !

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The service is so bad it’s unbelievable

Nudge them on twitter ( @AskCurve ) - appears that that’s the most efficient way to get their attention…