Will I get my bonus points?

I’ve used the Curve blue card for three days, and it’s absolutely amazing. Love it! I’ve connected a couple of cards to my Curve account. One of them is a something called Trumf Visa, a credit card issued by the Norwegian bank DNB.

It gives me 2 % bonus (Trumf bonus) when I use it in certain Norwegian grocery stores. It’s one of the most common loyalty programmes in Norway. Normally, when using the original Trumf Visa credit card, the receipt says “Trumf registered”.

But after using this card through the Curve card, there was no information about “Trumf registered” on the receipt. Now I fear that the system doesn’t understand the transaction properly, and that my bonus won’t be registered as normal.

Are there anyone here who have experience with this issue? Will I most likely get my bonus points? If not, I will have to stop using the card with Curve. Unfortunately, since it’s one of the bank cards I use the most.

(And Curve is the only way I can use it with Apple Pay.)

Since you are not using the Trumf card anymore in these stores, but you are using the Trumf card online at a merchant called Curve, it is very unlikely that you will get your bonus points.
You are now using your Curve Card at these stores, not your Trumf card.

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Thank you. Yes, I’m using the Curve card, but the Trumf card is registered in the Curve app – and it must be noticed that I use the Trumf card in order for me to pay the credit card bill. So if the system understands that I am paying with the Trumf card, I can’t understand why it shouldn’t also register my bonus.

What’s the point of using the Curve card if my original card isn’t properly registered? But I’ll find out more next week.

I am only telling you what has been reported in this community more than once before:

General cashback (not store specific) will be awarded when using an underlying card through Curve.

Store specific cashback will not be awarded when using an underlying card through Curve, since not the underlying card is used (directly) in the store, but the Curve card is. The underlying card is used online at a merchant called Curve.

It is not clear to me what you exactly mean with the ‘system’. If you mean the system in the store itself, the one that also prints “Trumf Registered” on you receipt, that system will not be able to see that you used your Trumf card indirectly. That system sees you have used your Curve Card, therefore not printing “Trumf Registered” on your receipt.

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Thank you for your answers! I think I understand. Still love Curve, though :slight_smile: