Will the US version be reported to my credit report?

Since it says it’s a credit card, I am wondering will it be reported to my credit report

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Curve is indeed a credit card in the USA.

Thanks for your question.

I am not sure if you are talking about the EU version, but in the U.S it is clearly classified as a Credit Card

Do you have a screenshot?

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FYI, @FlareCO provided this in another post.

Hello @PaulieMyk,

Yes, Curve (US Product) does credit checks/reports to one or multiple credit check agencies.
USA Legal Page | Curve - Credit Inquiries


Nope you’ve right I’ve just double checked and you are indeed right it is a credit card.

Weird that it’s not said even in Curve’s promotional material on it’s dedicated USA website.

Does applying for the card in the US result in a hard inquiry on your credit?

FWIW… at least according to CreditKarma I do not have a hard inquiry on either Transunion or Equifax. The Curve $500 credit line is not showing up on my credit reports either.

I have an extensive credit history and good credit, so maybe they just trusted me with that mighty $500 credit line? Idk.

Haven’t seen anything on my Transunion or Experian for hard inquiries, I got a $500 as well and my credit history is vastly limited (am young, was an AU on a card with a high limit for a while so I’ve been approved for anything I’ve applied for but my credit history is still “new”)

I had a hard inquiry on Equifax when I applied, but not seeing the card reported yet.