Will Timeline work for PayPal Payments used with curve without trouble?


do someone from curve know it for sure? Currently I never used Timeline for Paypal Payments billed to my curve card. I am simple fear that PayPal maybe feels mad about it or I get in trouble for payments that maybe can’t be handled correctly in my Paypal Account after using timeline.

Ever got feedback for this or used it without trouble within PayPal?

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Do you mean Go Back in Time (GBiT)?

If so, that can be used without any problems. If you are billed on your Curve card by PayPal, PayPal does not know which underlying card you have selected. So when you are using GBiT PayPal does not even notice you are using it.
PayPal only sees that you have paid your bill with your Curve card, using GBiT does not change that, for PayPal you still paid your bill with your Curve card.

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