Will two physical cards arrive?

Hello. Two days ago I created an account and ordered a free curve card. In the acvount / order physical card application, why do I see this? If I click to order a card, won’t two arrive?

Hi :wave: and welcome to the community.

I believe that the free (blue) Curve card is nowadays in principle a virtual only card. But you still get the opportunity to order a physical card for free (has been paid for a short period) as well.

So probably your first order was the virtual one and by pressing the button you will start the ordering process for the physical one.

Thanks. I also thought so, because nowhere do I see activation of a physical card in the application. The conditions have obviously changed, but they have not been officially announced on the site and the application.
The physical card should be free, at least that’s how it is understood from the screenshot I released.