Will we be able to earn Chase (UK) cash back with Curve

Chase bank UK has started offering a current account that gives 1% cash back on debit card transactions for a full year. However there’s a long exclusion list of where cash back will not be earned and this is based on Merchant Category Code (MCC) assigned to the retailer.
I am wondering if we shall be able to stack this cash back with our already selected Curve cashback for example get 1% at Lidl through Curve and 1% as Chase card cashback from underlying card.
I will give this a try as soon as I get a chance to spend and give any feedback.


You should receive the Cashback since Curve is using the same MCC code which the merchant used for the transaction. In some cases the MCC will be replaced/bundled.

As long as they dont check for “CRV*” or Curves merchant identifer in the transaction everything should be fine.

This is reassuring. I will test it first with Lidl on Monday.

Yes, this should work. It depends on what MCC code Curve present to Chase.

From another forum:

Here are the list of MCCs that are excluded from cashback:
MCC 4829MCC 5511MCC 5521MCC 5551MCC 5561MCC 5571MCC 5592MCC 5932MCC 5933MCC 5971MCC 5972MCC 6010MCC 6011MCC 6012MCC 6050MCC 6051MCC 6211MCC 6300MCC 6513MCC 6532MCC 6533MCC 6536MCC 6537MCC 6538MCC 6540MCC 7012MCC 7800MCC 7801MCC 7802MCC 7995MCC 8050MCC 8062MCC 8220MCC 9223MCC 9311MCC 9399MCC 9405MCC 9406MCC 8999

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I will just go back in time to Chase card then.

Update: I can confirm that cashback will be tracked for transactions done through Curve.
I have gone back in time to a Chase Card and it’s mow in pending stage for cash back.
Let’s get it rolling. Sterling sign after the amount?