Will we be able to earn Chase (UK) cash back with Curve

Chase bank UK has started offering a current account that gives 1% cash back on debit card transactions for a full year. However there’s a long exclusion list of where cash back will not be earned and this is based on Merchant Category Code (MCC) assigned to the retailer.
I am wondering if we shall be able to stack this cash back with our already selected Curve cashback for example get 1% at Lidl through Curve and 1% as Chase card cashback from underlying card.
I will give this a try as soon as I get a chance to spend and give any feedback.


You should receive the Cashback since Curve is using the same MCC code which the merchant used for the transaction. In some cases the MCC will be replaced/bundled.

As long as they dont check for “CRV*” or Curves merchant identifer in the transaction everything should be fine.

This is reassuring. I will test it first with Lidl on Monday.


Yes, this should work. It depends on what MCC code Curve present to Chase.

From another forum:

Here are the list of MCCs that are excluded from cashback:
MCC 4829MCC 5511MCC 5521MCC 5551MCC 5561MCC 5571MCC 5592MCC 5932MCC 5933MCC 5971MCC 5972MCC 6010MCC 6011MCC 6012MCC 6050MCC 6051MCC 6211MCC 6300MCC 6513MCC 6532MCC 6533MCC 6536MCC 6537MCC 6538MCC 6540MCC 7012MCC 7800MCC 7801MCC 7802MCC 7995MCC 8050MCC 8062MCC 8220MCC 9223MCC 9311MCC 9399MCC 9405MCC 9406MCC 8999

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I will just go back in time to Chase card then.

Update: I can confirm that cashback will be tracked for transactions done through Curve.
I have gone back in time to a Chase Card and it’s mow in pending stage for cash back.
Let’s get it rolling. Sterling sign after the amount?

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I’ve just had a live chat message to say that any future transactions with Curve will not earn cashback with Chase. If I want to earn cashback with Chase, I’ll have to spend on my Chase card directly.

I’ve been moving transactions over with GBIT a week or so after I initially made the transaction from my credit card to my Chase account when I’ve had time to put sufficient funds in the Chase account to cover it but it appears that they’re getting clever to this now and putting a stop to it.

Was it Chase telling you this or Curve? If I make the transaction and they don’t give me cash back I will GBIT to another rewards card

It was a live chat message from Chase this morning. I’d contacted them a while back about some missing cashback and they looked through my account and had said at the time that the Curve transactions shouldn’t receive cashback as they’re a financial service transaction. As they did, I just ignored it and went about my business. It looks like they might have been looking into it in the last couple of weeks though - this message came out of the blue this morning to say that going forward they won’t be issuing cashback on Curve transactions. Despite that, I GBITed a £1 transaction afterwards and I have 1p cashback in my reward account, so maybe their changes haven’t taken place yet.

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Yeah i’d imagine they’ll stop applying cashback to curve transactions if they’ve actively messaged you. They want to grow their business, and have people using their card to help that, if you only need to use curve it hurts them as a newcomer i’d think. (especially the GBiT thing as you can just top up your card with say £1k put all the curve stuff through it then repeat next month!).

They told me something similar when I was claiming cashback for a BP transaction, I just Went back in time for that transaction, other transactions still track

interesting, chase seem to be a trying to attract users with cashback since a lot of banks hardly offer cashback unless its using credit card etc.

I still earn cash back from Chase on transactions made via Curve. I am out of the UK on holiday but still earn cash back.

Yes, mine seems to have continued for the time being too. Speaking to a friend who also uses Curve/Chase, we wondered if it was just an attempt to get us to stop using it and use our Chase cards directly (where presumably they get a higher cut of all the fees)

sorry for my lack of understanding but hope someone could help.

would you get the 1% cashback for paying a credit card bill directly using chase card ?

if not, would paying a credit card bill using curve fronted with chase as underlying card work ?


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Sorry none of that will earn you cashback

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I’m also still earning 1% cashback at Chase, although they’ve not reached out to me. I do not however get the 3% cashback from Amazon – Curve is explicitly excluded from that and will only attract the base 1%.

Hello, haven’t used my Curve card in a long time as I just found CS to painful to deal with if anything went wrong.So I’m a bit out of touch with what is and isn’t possible any more.
Slightly off topic but if there is a better place to post please let me know.

1.Can I use my Chase 1% cashback debit card to pay my monthly credit card bills?
What will Chase see the transactions as? Will it pay the cashback?

2.I tried using the chase card to buy Premium Bonds but it didn’t receive cashback as probably seen as a bank transfer/ investment.
Didn’t think to try using the chase card with Curve
Can I buy premium bonds with chase through curve and get cash back on the chase card do you think?

No and no.

You will not receive cashback on Chase for such transactions even if behind Curve.

I have tried.

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