Wirecard: Discussion

Wirecard: Discussion


And……… we’re back

Dear Curve Customers,

Your Curve card and all associated Curve transaction and money transfer services will be temporarily suspended with immediate effect. Please be assured, we expect to be up and running again shortly but it may take a few days. Your money and card details held at Curve are safe and secure.

This has happened because the Financial Conduct Authority* has this morning suspended its permission for Wirecard Card Solutions Limited (the company who currently issues Curve Cards) to operate, without prior notice. This action is not related to Curve - but Curve currently depends on Wirecard for operation of the Curve card.

We are already well on the way to migrating away from Wirecard but have not fully completed this process. We are now working round the clock to achieve the migration as quickly as possible and therefore expect this disruption to last for only a limited period of time.

We will continue to communicate the details of what this means for you during this interim period.

For now, please carry a backup card.

We’ll be back,
Team Curve

*Curve currently relies on Wirecard Card Solutions Limited for all its financial transactions. Until we fully migrate, we are impacted by this suspension (as are all Wirecard’s other clients to whom they provide financial transaction services).




This means we cannot use the card at all? Is this for anyone.

The card is not working

Yikes - that’s quite a development - I presume an email and in-app notification is going out to all customers ASAP?


It sounds like ALL Curve users and those from other companies which use Wirecard cards and services are affected.

It’s a big issue as I used my Curve card on all websites and some payments will be due on 1 July which means I have to switch over to a different card asap or payments will fail. I understand this is not the fault of Curve. I really hope that this will be resolved soon to reactivate the card or issue new cards to all customers in a matter of days which certainly won’t be possible.

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We’re setting up messages for all possible channels to make sure we reach everyone. You should also receive an email soon that we are currently sending out in batches.


I was trying to buy steam games on the summer sales
But it got rejected

Now i know why


Today a refund should arrive to my Curve Card, what’s going to happen with it?


Not a surprise, I think the forum members here had flagged this earlier in the week.

Can you imagine if we still had large amounts of cash in our Amex wallets? Potentially that cash would have gone, fortunately Curve Cash balances are so low Curve can fund them again if the worst happens and Wirecard UK had not ringfenced the cash.


Same question. I’m waiting for 3 refunds, what will happen ?

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Same issue here. What will happen to our refunds?


is apple pay (i mean virtualization) suspended as well?

Same question here, still waiting for heaps for refunds from airlines and chargebacks. Whats the procedure there now?

WCS (Wirecard Card Solutions) had a FCA approved emoney license. AFAIK these funds are protected on Barclay accounts, right? Or are they protected by Wirecard Bank (up to 100k€ / customer by gov. regulation and 750k€ by private bank alliance)

Not sure I agree - the rwference to ‘complete the full transition in the coming weeks’ suggests that the June 28th switching-date (that was announced over email) is unlikely to be met. Though would be good to understand what mechanisms are in-place for Mastercard to continue servicing the cards if Wirecard was to close immediately (a real possibility / the debt market’s view of what will happen).

I don’t need to know the ins and outs of the working relationship, but a heads-up that I might need to rely on a backup card would have been useful. @city_tom needs to be running their customer comms!


@Curve_Marie Thank you for the update. Really empathise with the pressure you must be under to make the switch now and also with innocent investors in Wirecard. Good Luck & best wishes to you and team and happy to help in any way I can :blush:


Let me quote from https://community.curve.com/t/curve-and-wirecard/21601:

In terms of your cards, which say “issued by Wirecard” - these will continue to function without issue.

Now, 4 days later, effectively all cards issued by Curve are suspended. I only speak for myself, but that’s not the kind of communication strategy i would expect from a financial company i could trust. What if i have went to a business trip in the past 4 days only carrying my Curve because it was communicated that it will continue without issue, and now would be stranded somewhere without any working credit card?

For a company which claims that its card will be the last one i ever need, the begs for carrying a backup because their card issuing backend or IT service has experienced an outage was quite high in the last few months, weren’t they?


When is the curve card Restart being used?


Good timing. It seems I just made a big purchase right before this news landed. Hopefully there’s no issues with it, as it went through normally to my bank as well.

It’s quite sad though, that now your engineers may have to work overtime to complete the switch sooner than you intended. Good luck to you all!