Wirecard: Discussion

Oh, I thought @Prking was talking about purchase refunds going back to source card… not Curve fees. Agreed those are low priority.

No, my response was specifically about “pro rata refunding subscribers”.

Will let you know ASAP :smiley: It’s not a very satisfying answer, but we’re not talking months.

I’ll update the OP as we go so you don’t need to read the entire thread to get the news :smile:

Thanks @Connie. We’ll continue to work non-stop to keep you updated and your Curve card back up and running.

@NFH Regarding why GBIT is unavailable right now - I’ll get the info for you and will update you ASAP.

It’s currently being rolled out in batches, just as we did with the emails.


A normal consumer has always cash or/and a second card, when going to buy something(especially abroad).

There are also places, where cash is not accepted. If you go there and only have cash, you would again complaine(in this case Curve, not their fault).

No one can ever be sure, that just one payment would work. Always have cash and/or two cards with you. Othervise you can be in trouble, and then you blame on others, like now.

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Getting a response about if subscriptions will be paused while services can not be provided (I understand its not your fault), from support is like pulling teeth.
Can someone please answer me?


By law you must get refund if service isn’t provided

Indeed, and I note there’s been no apologies. Sorry you guys have been hard done by some individuals and the company itself. Sadly it seems some people forget their social niceties on the internet and think they can bully others in to submission by repeating the same points and not considering other points of view. They don’t realise that they will eventually just make everyone else leave so they have no-one else to argue with! I hope you and @YetAnotherMagnate treat yourselves to a nice bottle of wine this weekend :+1:t6:


I second this. And all the more reason why it’s good Curve were moving things in house.

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It’s also encouraging that you haven’t ruled out “hours” either! :wink:


Thanks @Connie. Way ahead on the wine, probably why it took me 3 attempts to write a coherent message / correctly tag @YetAnotherMagnate.


But… weeks… :sob:

So if can’t use my card is Curve not going to take there subscription fee as I think that’s fair. Plus I just got my investor card. Big let down as a investor.

Curve started up 4 years ago, so not really classed as a start-up anymore. Curve have been caught with their pants around their ankles unfortunately…again!

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Not quite. Curve was already abandoning Wirecard and was due to complete this in two days’ time. Curve is way ahead of the curve :wink: compared to other fintechs still using Wirecard. Provided that Curve’s service is restored in a few days’ time, we should congratulate Curve on its wise decision several months ago to abandon Wirecard.


Currently with c19 the recommendation in the UK is not to use cash - so normal consumer behaviour is somewhat different at the moment, secondly Curve sell them self as the single card solution - this is their sales pitch and marketing not mine

I totally agree with you that from now on the whole premise of Curve as a single card solution is broken and that consumers should ignore the claims as it has now been demonstrated it is unwise to put all your eggs in one basket. Thats my point - if its not providing any convenience features then what is the purpose.

I will carry multiple cards in future - and consequently have no purpose for Curve.

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I wouldn’t say it’s any different now, particularly not in London, where hardly anyone used cash before COVID-19.

Technology will always go wrong a back up is expected

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This is not your fault guys. I just hope that you get your business up and running in weeks rather than months. I already miss my great black Applepay.

Work hard and keep us updated!


GBIT is worth its weight in gold and that still makes Curve worthwhile with purpose.

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This isn’t about technology going wrong. It results from an alleged fraud of more than USD 2 billion.