Wirecard: Discussion

Gbit is great I love that I use it far too often which is allowed but no one can say if we need a reissue of our card to reuse curve after Wirecard issues I invested in curve cause I believe in curve though all companies have their faults their bad points but curve has so much good going for them I wouldn’t do what I am doing today without curve it helps so much

My response was about purchase refunds which Curve’s FAQ says are low priority at the moment.

Is the subscriptions for curve collected by using Wirecard or not if yes then these want happen

Incredible… first-time in my life and I’m client of many, many, many banks. :scream:

Agreed. I just wish the guys running the show were slightly more competent!

It’s a shame Curve have got strung up with wisecard it’s nothing to do with Curve, wisecard have a possible €2billion missing and an ex ceo released on bail, it’s not looking good.
I have refunds waiting too, I’m guessing Curve won’t be up and running any time soon so it’s a matter of patience. Good luck Curve hopefully you can apply for a banking license or if that’s already in the running hopefully it’s soon.

Curve is a not a bank a bank has accounts and curve don’t hold accounts curve will have other licences from FCA the 28th was supposed to day one of life without Wirecard

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No, that’s not true at all. You replied very specifically to my commentCurve has a good track record of refunding card fees when a third party pulled the plug, so we can expect a repetition”.

Very true. It’s astonishing how many people assume that every card issuer must be a bank and therefore have a banking licence. I also notice that the same people mis-spell it as “license” (verb) as opposed to “licence” (noun). Even some very large card issuers such as American Express are not banks.


You can do so much without being a bank like providing many things some are FSCS backed some not but rules are all money is protected in some way many banks use other services for some of the things provided like life insurance provided on behalf of a bank by another provider or in monzo case savings provided by a range of providers and not monzo

Hope you will suspend the payment of curve subscription for this period of inactivity…

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I understand that the Wirecard story has nothing to do with Curve.
I was wondering, will You suspend Metal and Black fee charges while the Curve Team fixes the problem? I understand - again - this is not on Curve, but a situation like this can’t just slide away…

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It is a fact that Curve’s FAQ says that consumers won’t receive purchase refunds when in fact they are able to refund onto the underlying card.

Impossible to add a card in the Curve app… is this related ?

Forgive me, but if Curve is currently out… Why try adding cards? Of course it doesn’t work. Either way, let’s stick to the topic and don’t go off-topic. :smiley:


Before refunding on to the underlying card, Curve needs to receive the refund to your Curve card. With Wirecard suspended, Curve cannot receive the refund to your Curve card.

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This was a real bombshell. Wirecard underpin so many fintech startups, all over the place. Some of them might be brilliant ideas which don’t have the resources to suddenly jump to another platform, so there may be casualties unfortunately.

On a brighter note, Curve at least has the ability to work it’s way out of this, and if they are building their own platform in-house, they could come out of this a whole lot stronger.

Why should the ability to add or remove cards be affected by the ability to transact on one’s Curve card? For example, should it be equally impossible to add underlying cards when one locks one’s Curve card in the app? Adding cards uses Curve’s function as a merchant, not Curve’s (or Wirecard’s) function as a card issuer. It makes perfect sense to add cards during Curve’s outage as a card issuer, so that everything is ready to use as soon as Curve is up and running again.

In the April news, they would have written that they also had to migrate their moving e-Money in-house :grin: at this point, I think they put everything offline to be able to migrate better :slight_smile:

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Quite simply PayPal. They have a business free fx card. If they launched a personal card then they are curve. You can add amex too and can hold money with them unlike curve cash which at the momemt you can’t add money to. Paypal also do proper credit and not a klarna type installment offer. We’ll see whether PayPal try to take on curve.