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PayPal has none of those features outside US, UK and DE currently, so for most of Europe there’s no alternative.

True but that’s outside my scope. I was referring to what PayPal could do. I’m sure they could launch outside of those countries but thanks for pointing that out.

Would there be any compensations for Metal subscription users later after all this? I support Curve but it is still nice for compensation since we have paid it annually.


When your card is suspended active card checks to securely verify your card can’t happen no funds can be collected and refunded simple as that until curve are fully on their system then the fca will allow curve to start operating again no question as wirecard link meant curve wasn’t using curves e money licence at all just wirecard one so must follow rules until they switch over to in house

Curve’s function as a merchant (charging underlying cards) is separate from Curve’s (and Wirecard’s) function as a card issuer.

@wbrowngala, it’s very difficult to understand what you’re saying because you write long paragraphs with no punctuation or gaps between sentences. Please spare a thought particularly for the many non-native English speakers in this forum who will have even more difficulty in understanding you.


The email I got from someone in curve said all functions curve did are suspended nothing can happen till they are back up and running and support can only deal with an issue that’s not related as the fca ruled no company can continue to operate unless they can switch functions from wirecard to another system until that happens all operations must be halted

Some companies just need wirecard to issue a physical card but some companies used wirecard full white label service under their own name are more at risk than others

That’s not true. No action by the FCA prevents Curve from continuing to provide services that do not use Wirecard, for example GBIT and travel insurance.

Let this be a lesson never to go on a business trip only carrying 1 card from 1 source. Always multiple cards from multiple sources, and cash!


I carry all my cards but only use one card normally the curve card depends on transaction to what card I use

I have two days left until the sign up bonus expires and I wanted to make my first payment this weekend. However I’m not able to do this as the Curve cards are suspended. Is there any possibility to extend the due date for the first purchase?

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This mentioned in The Guardian today. One point to note:

The finance regulator said UK customers’ funds would not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which covers consumers for up to £85,000.

“FSCS only applies to certain types of activity which does not include issuing electronic money or payment services,” the FCA said.

The article is at:
Wirecard UK ordered to freeze customer funds by finance regulator

What is the relevance of this to Curve?

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No relevance whatsoever.

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I disagree… If that info is correct it just tells us that all our purchases are not protected anymore. If you buy a car using Curve and something goes wrong, it’s your problem to pay it a second time.

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They will also need to give the cashback lost during this time, that will probably take weeks… Also all the time spent by us having to switch all our subscriptions and payment methods in all services we currently use… This is madness, they should give one year metal subscription for free to everyone, or at least for who is already paying for one…

That’s entirely incorrect. Curve’s purchase protection is not underwritten by Wirecard. Wirecard is the payment processor. In any case, our contracts are with Curve, not with Wirecard, so Curve will meet any contractual obligations to provide purchase protection.

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I hope you’re right but in my experience no one pays for something they can’t get an insurance… And not a single insurance company will protect Curve for all purchases done with Wirecard…

I don’t understand your reasoning at all. Assuming that Curve’s purchase protection is underwritten by an insurer, then the multiple potential payment processors involved in a transaction (Wirecard, MasterCard, the merchant’s acquirer, PayPal, WorldPay etc) are totally irrelevant to the underwritten risk. The underwritten risk is a failure by the merchant, not a failure by Wirecard.

You need to read up on how Chargeback works. It has nothing to do with Wirecard, FSCS or the FCA. It is a contract solely between you and the card provider, which in this case is Curve.


Could not be more agree with you.