Wirex and Change


I am a huge supporter of Curve but unfortunately have two cards ( by the way one is listed in the card possible to add ) which the app/system is not letting me verify and I always have the same error message which I attach.

The cards are Wirex and Change. https://wirexapp.com/card and https://www.getchange.com/ .

So Wirex on your website is listed as one of the cards which should work on Curve.

I contacted both teams at Wirex and Change plus the support here on Curve.
No one really is able to advise me on why the error message is keep popping up and it all feels kinda amateurish.

Can someone pick up this post and have a deeper look into this matter ? Or if is not possible to add it can you at least remove Wirex from the card you state are working for Curve ?
Thanks a lot in advance

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Same with Paysera and also that is included in the list of Prepaid Cards

Any staff @Curve_Marie can investigate on this one ?

Last time I saw this msg for one of my cards I asked and was told Curve receives the “do not honour” message from the underlying bank.
So the card was not blocked by Curve.

What did Wirex and Change say when you told them you have a decline from the Merchant Curve? You need to contact the fraud department there.

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Hello Lucas , I did contact their fraud department and was basically brushed off saying that they do not deal with this kind of request. For clarity I would love that Curve would at least remove Wirex from the accepted prepaid as this is kinda misleading at the moment.

If Curve is blocked by them, then unfortunately Curve can’t do anything about it :frowning:
You need to call them over and over again, don’t try to explain to them what Curve is, just say you tried to use your card online with a merchant called Curve and your card gets declined.
Any fraud department agent should be able to help you with that.

Thanks Lucas for your advise.

Is just so frustrating and seems like the message is not going through on the other side :frowning: