Wise (Transferwise) limiting Curve Cards

I’ve been using Curve since the beta with my Wise cards as primary underlying cards and recently my Wise transactions through Curve started getting blocked. I contacted Wise and this is what they told me:

The limit-related decline you experienced in the case of this transaction is separate from the total limits of your card.

There are specific limits for this type of transaction, which all transactions with Curve can be classified as: account funding transactions .

This is a type of credit transaction, which is characterized by the use of your Wise card to fund an account account on another platform.This is a change we’ve recently enacted. There will soon be more changes coming to our policy on this type of transaction, the nature of which will be communicated to you via email - keep an eye on your inbox.*

The limits for this type of transaction are €450 or equivalent per day, or 3 transactions of this type per day.

These limits are also liable to change dynamically based on your card usage behavior, and which currency the transactions are in.

Since, looking at your transaction history, the majority of your transactions are ones made with Curve , the limit is possibly even lower for you due to the liability for dynamic change I mentioned.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any questions.

This is quite annoying, they’re registering Curve as some kind of digital top up wallet.

Does Curve have any plans to bypass this?

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What type of transactions are they talking about? Cash withdrawals?

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@Oliverda - Just all payments, I have subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, all were being declined if I used my Curve card more than 3 times a day.

This is bad news. You should reply: Do these limits also apply if I use the Wise card as payment card when I pay online with PayPal? If the answer is no, then I don’t understand why these limits only apply to Curve since the logic is just the same.

I got the below from them last week:

A bit offtopic - Funding Wise acc without additional costs is only possible via SEPA transfer ?

It’s only possible via bank transfer or direct transfer to card (using Revolut, for example).