Wish I hadn't bothered

I used my curve card for Christmas presents thinking I could get some cash back. I really wish I hadn’t bothered as it’s turning into a disaster.

Paid for an Apple watch with apple care and despite the transaction coming out of my bank in one amount, curve decided to split it between two cards. The second card had expired so the transaction was declined. Curve did step in an cover the amount, but now when they took the money out of the right card, it has been taken twice.

I’m an investor in Curve and expected much better.

Hey, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do on the forum as we don’t have access to your account here. It’s best to get in touch with our support team through email (support@curve.app) or Twitter DM so they can take a look!

I’ve already done that and they are the ones who double charged me.

Just wanted to express my frustration somewhere.

What’s this feature? :flushed: Me nor my wife haven’t (fortunately :innocent:) experienced this in our very long transaction history with Curve… :man_shrugging:

I can only think of that the merchant has submitted the 2nd transaction as an offline transaction (same as airlines do it) and the 1st one is an AUTH that just expires.
Would be really strange that for 1 purchase and 1 product it gets split into 2 transactions.

Sometimes when you buy stuff like a book and a gift card in a supermarket the POS automatically splits it, since the gift card can be counted as ‘cash advance’ and therefore needs a different MCC.


How can it be dealt with as offline transaction when the total amount was debited from my bank at the time of purchase?

Makes me really think twice about using my curve card if its this easy to mess up.

Curve’s pre-Auth debits the amount at the time. It will then refund in 7-14 days usually.

You’ll probably find the amount has/will go back to the first card, and you had a different card selected when your transaction was auth’d hence the split payment you’ve experienced.

We’re only users, so we can’t help escalate the matter, as per the community rules, so the support team are the best people to help with your query!

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Auths expire with Curve after 7 days, so on the 8th day. It’s not Curves fault but the merchant to send an AUTH and a seperate offline transaction as a new transaction and not removing the auth.
Curve is actually good with removing auths after 7 days, i.e. the German bank Fidor only removes auths after 30days.

It’s one of these things where you think, wow, the merchant can get away with this? Yes, they can.
Example: you buy biz class tickets for 4 adults of 3k€ each = 12k€ in total.
The airlines puts an AUTH of 12k€ on your card. If it’s a debit card, it gets instantly taken out of your bank account.
If it’s a credit, it just lowers your allowance of 12k€
Not a few days later the airlines sends 4 seperate transactions of each 3k€ to the same card and captures the funds. They do not remove the previous auth of 12k€, so now you’re out of pocket of 24k€.
If you call the airline then and ask them to remove the auth they can’t do anything. If you call the bank, they say get it resolved with the merchant or wait for the auth to expire, but again, this can take up to a month.

Even if you only have a limit of 12k€ on your card or you have the card disabled, due to the nature of an offline transaction they can always take your funds.
This way you could easily go overdraft and pay heavy fines with the banks.

Luckily, curve removes these auths exactly 7 days later (right at midnight) or if you send them an email when the offline transaction hits they remove the auth manually.

Don’t ask me how/why airlines get away with this and how it’s not violating any MC/visa rules. It’s just the way it is.