Withdrawal refused due to insufficient cash, but your bank account was however charged

Hello everyone!

Maybe this already happened to many of you, sorry for doubling the topic then, but did it ever happened to you? Today I tried to withdraw some money from three of my card, where one of them was the Curve one, from two different ATMs (different banks as well), but I was refused due to insufficient funds. I actually have more than enough, even my Curve account has some minor (but sufficient) amount, yet no money were given, but I can see on my internet banking that I have the payment to Curve effectuated. So to say: I was charged, but without being given any money. Does Curve proceeds fairly in those cases so to refund your amounts?

Yes, it happened to me once with an online purchase.

Just contact support with the details and they’ll revert the payment.

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Thanks. I did, just wondered if anyone has to share similar problem. I’ll reply with the outcome in few days I hope.